Fit to flirt

From bars to grocery stores to internet dating, a reported man drought means we males are now armed with a plethora of ways to meet eligible women in Australia. But I recently heard about a very different approach that offers a bit of chatting and flirting as part of your fitness regime.

As a personal trainer, I am always keen to increase my fitness, and it sounds like a very time efficient thing to do for the single guy to combine this with a spot of dating. So for the benefit of my single Boot Camp readers, I put myself out there to test out whether you really can get fit and meet women at the same time. To add a modicum of science to this project I also participated in a speed dating event so I could compare the two.

So rum or run . . . what’s best approach to dating for the single guy?

Fit2Date aims to deflect the uneasiness of a boy-meets-girl singles event by delivering a quality group, fitness session as its main course. It offers a 2 hour mega meet (on occasion), once-a-week group sessions that run for a month, and a twice weekly running club over an 8-week period.

During my session, an ice-breaking warm-up jog was followed by some stretching and a fun, retro game of dodge ball. Men teamed with women, and there were sprinting games, potato sack races, and a varied circuit training session of high intensity (mixed with some interaction and chatting), with a relaxed stretching session to conclude.

The workout was demanding, and the entire session was fun. The event is about fitness, but there’s definitely an opportunity to get in some chatting, and swap a few smiles.

But if you see somebody you like? It’s up to your old-school-style to take it further. There’s no pressure, no forced yes/no - just a group of single, active people that are looking to meet somebody new.

When my run was done, it was time for some rum. So, I splashed on some Wild Bull cologne and headed to an inner city lounge for speed dating.

For those who have never taken the plunge, speed dating is where a group of men and women congregate, and the men typically rotate to the next woman after a set (eight minutes or so) period of chatting.

Like her? Check yes on the scorecard. She likes you? Ditto. And the next day you get the email details of those you matched up with.

I chose to speed date with Fast Impressions with its themed nights which claim to cater to all types.

I arrived a few minutes early at an inner city lounge in a room secluded from the regular pub goers. The nerves were settled with the help of a bubbly host and a drink or two.

Ding ding! The bell sounds, and I’m off chatting with one of 15 single ladies. You either click or you don’t, and eight minutes seems like a pretty efficient way to determine if you’re first date compatible...or not.

I found the quality of the women I met were top notch, and the whole experience offered a high risk-reward for those game to try it.

The verdict:
During a the fitness session, the endorphins flow as you get moving and sweating during a workout.  And when you feel good, your energy to meet somebody compatible is ripe.  Yet if you prefer a few drinks to let the inhibitions down, and a four-week commitment is too long to invest in finding that special one, then I’d go with speed dating.  I love my fitness, and I love my women in shorts… but a glass of wine and a relaxed chat will always win out with this personal trainer.

Michael Jarosky was a guest of Fit2Date and Fast Impressions.

Twitter: @MichaelJarosky