Fitness goal setting ideas: The 12 month guide to complete health

Planking. The Ice Bucket. #22 Push ups. Challenges are o'plenty from Adelaide to Oslo. Many take them on to support a good cause, while quite a few join for youtube glory and Instagram likes.

At Boot Camp, we've got a year of challenges and a calendar to email you, and they're all for a great cause: you and your health. Daily commitments can turn into a new lifestyle with kilograms dropped, and those new habits turn into a new you…and a new body.

A twelve month program


20 minutes of Outdoor Running Month. Clocks are changing which means more daylight arrives this weekend, lending more time to be outdoors… so, run. Run because we were born to run. Run because of the cardio, calorie burning, and leg strengthening benefits. Run because you'll get a tan while scoring some much needed Vitamin D from the sun.


Fryin' Equals Dying Month. Spend a month with nothing fried or processed. That means no fast food and zero junk at the supermarket. It's time to load up on the fruit, veggies, and healthy protein. Cut out the chemicals and sugar laden foods, and watch your weight fall, skin glow, and energy increase.


100 Squats and Two Minute Planks Month. Get moving with two superb exercises. Squats (100 per day) build strength and tone in practically every muscle from the waist down; they're a must do in any exercise routine, like planks. Planks (two minutes per day) build inner core strength – a requirement for everybody and every body.



Water and Wine Month. With Silly Season ending, why not start 2017 with the right amount of liquids. Fizzy or energy drinks and juices are out. Water, water, and water is in. Drink two litres of water every day, and enjoy two healthy wines on Saturday night.


50 Push Ups Month. Push Ups are a classic, underutilised exercise that build chest, core, shoulders, and triceps strength. There are 28 days in February – that equals 1400 push ups that month – great effort.


Three Habits Month. Do you smoke? Drink too much diet soft drinks? Waste too much time on social media? What habits are affecting your health and time to exercise? Change one bad habit every 10 days and by month's end, you've got a new life.


50 Sit Ups Month. Like push ups, sit ups are classics that still work for tight, toned abdominal muscles. You might like crunches, bicycle kicks, or whatever … work your abs in April.


Meditation and Positivity Month. Some go to yoga, others do beach walks, and some do pure meditation. My movement meditation is walking Giuseppe Labrador. Every day, find some way to meditate for stress reduction, mood improvement, and increased productivity. Add a positive quote to your reading list each day that will set the mood for your morning.


Seven Hours of Sleep per Night Month. Rest is just as important as water, fresh food, and exercise. Aim to get seven-to-eight hours of sleep every night – your heart, mind, weight, muscles, and stress levels will thank you for it.


10,000 Steps / 1000 Jumps Month. The Japanese invented the '10,000 steps' theory, and it's a pretty good gauge for meeting daily movement needs. If you can't walk, you can jump. Skipping rope is a high intensity movement that burns serious calories.


Leftovers Month. The suit and tie crew always struggles at food courts … unhealthy choices with big portions, paired with fizzy drinks. The best cure to food coma lunches is BYO from a healthy dinner. Leftovers guarantee portion control, a healthy meal, and saving dollars every single day. Utilising leftovers are a healthy dream.


Burp & Pull Month. If some of the above might be a bit soft, so the last month will challenge all fitness levels. Every day, bang out 50 burpees and 50 pull ups … Break it up if need be, but these two full-body, bodyweight movements are as tough as they come. A September with 1500 burpees and 1500 pull ups? You'll be fighting fit.

Take up the challenge

A new documentary is coming out about America's health, called Fed Up. The trailer details 95 per cent of Americans will be overweight / obese in 20 years, one out of every three will have diabetes, and culturally we're letting junk food companies act like their tobacco mates.

Unfortunately, Australians hit the bars, kitchen, and cupboard with the same American passion.

Australia needs a challenge. Australia needs commitment. And Australia needs to lose some bloody weight. A year of the above will do just that to re-shape the mind, body, and lifestyle in positive ways.

I'm challenging you, and I've got a Challenge Calendar to keep you committed. Email me at, and I'll send it this weekend.

A year of change and challenge. Are you up for it? Let Michael know in the Comments section. 

Passion for lifestyle change is the cornerstone for everything Michael Jarosky does. A Sydney-based personal trainer, he cajoled thousands of Executive Style readers to undertake his 'Cut The BS' diet, and champions a charity weight-loss event, Droptober.

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