Fitness Trends

The choices you make in your 20s, 30s, and 40s will affect your quality of life into your later years.

Boot Camp

Get fit, not fat

Whether you are young or old, It's time to decide whether you want a life of fitness or fatness.

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tough mud

White collar warriors

The SAS path to fitness

Scrabbling SAS-style across the world's toughest obstacle course is the latest fitness fad for young Australians.

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Crossfit training at Greenway. Brimlea Smyth, 30 of Weston.

Pushing past the limit and proud of it

In a tiny shop front near Tuggeranong, tucked between two super-sized mechanics, Hugo, 22, grabs hold of an overhead bar, lifting himself up off the ground. He hauls his legs forward so they touch the bar, lets them drop, then repeats the action over and over.

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