Five clever things we love


Stick-N-Find - Sticknfind Technologies, a subsidy of SSI America

Whether you're guilty of losing your things all the time or you've always got everything in check, hey, we're all human. The Stick-N-Find is a discreet sticker about the size of a 10-cent coin that you can adhere to anything you want to keep track of, and link to your phone with Bluetooth. The Stick-N-Find app monitors the whereabouts of anything with a sticker on it up to a range of 30 metres. With the app you can see approximately how far away from your phone an item is, you can prescribe an item a range so if it strays outside that range the app will alert you, and you can page a sticker on an item to flash and create a sound so you can easily find it anywhere within range. Perfect for small items, or moving items; attach them to your kids' shoes or your pet's collar so they don't wander off.

Where To Buy: The Stick-N-Find will be released in March, but is available to pre-order from The app is available on the Apple iTunes Store and on Google Play.

Cost: Various packs available, from $US35 ($A33.25) for two Stick-N-Find stickers to $US1400 ($A1331) for 100 stickers.


Razor Shield - HYD For Men

The more often you use your razor, the more likely you are to suffer from razor burn and dull blades. The Razor Shield from HYD For Men eliminates the problem by creating a liquid barrier around the blades, protecting them from corrosive chemical reactions and prolonging the life of a razor up to 90 uses, or between three to 12 weeks depending on how often you shave. Razor Shield is non-irritating and paraben free, and uses hydrating natural oils to moisturise your skin while protecting your razor. Just apply to the blade after each shave.

Where To Buy: Available through HYD For Men or

Cost: $US17.99 ($A17.10)


Pocket Projector for iPhone 4 and 4S - Brookstone

If you've ever wanted to stream videos or show photos on your iPhone to multiple friends at once, this product may be for you. The iPhone Projector has a built-in battery that allows you to display images from your phone's screen up to 125cm wide (measured diagonally). The phone neatly fits into the projector case that uses a 15-lumen LED lamp, and there is even a focus adjustment feature to make sure your images are as clear as possible. The rechargeable projector can power your phone, and is easily recharged with a USB connection. The only negative to the product is they have not yet made a similar device for Android phones or iPhone 5.

Where To Buy: Available through Brookstone

Cost: $US169.99 ($A161.60)


Tricker's Valet Kit - British clothing store End

You've got your wingtips, your loafers, your lace-ups, and your oxfords. But half the battle with men's formal shoes is keeping your leather shining and your shoes clean. For that, you need a valet kit. Tricker's has been hand-making bespoke footwear since 1829 in England, so they know a thing or two about men's shoes. The kit comes with four tins of polish, five jars of leather cream, a metal shoe horn, a buffing cloth, and a total of eight brushes for your collection. The polishes and creams are all high-grade, and come in a range of colors from neutral to jet black.

Where To Buy: Through U.K.-based store End

Cost: £350 ($A532); End offers a 20 per cent discount for non-EU customers


HomeMade Gin Kit

Remember when your mum used to tell you that making something was always the best gift? That's the idea behind the HomeMade Gin Kit, which comes with a liquor bottle, glass flask, juniper berries, strainer, funnel, instructions, and spices. With just a few shakes and 36 hours, you'll have made your very own small batch of gin without any illegal distilling equipment. Plus the old-school bottle makes a nice presentation, too.

Where To Buy:

Cost: $39.95 ($A38.00)