Five finishing touches for a stylish man's outfit

The wardrobe of any well-dressed man has always contained a blend of must-have staple items, from a charcoal suit to a blue blazer to a pair of brown brogues.

But now, a set of 'finishing touches' have emerged as essential enhancements to a signature look.

Just a few years ago, most young gents would scoff at the thought of wearing a lapel pin, a tie bar, a signet ring or a fob watch. But today they are must-have accessories in a booming menswear market where everything old is new again.

Here are five value-adding extras to lift your wardrobe instantly.


Dior monogram.

A monogram adds a bespoke finishing touch to any outfit, as Dior Homme showed with this sophisticated, yet subtle, detail in their Spring Summer shirt collection.

Chain reaction

Apple Watch Tom Ford.

Pocket watches were created in the 16th century but largely disappeared until Tom Ford brought them back in his latest showing at London Collections Men. Ford added his finesse to the modern day pocket watch attachable to the waistcoat of your three-piece suit.

Sign of the signet

Signet ring.

Historically, the signet ring has played a significant role in customs and superstitions. Embossed with a family crest or symbol of royalty, these elegant pieces also resembled signature stamps for the wax sealing of important documents.

Signet rings mean different things when worn on different fingers: for example, the thumb indicates sexuality; the forefinger is ability; middle finger is influence; little finger is creativity; and the wedding finger's significance remains valid today.

Off the cuff

Tiffany cuff.

A bracelet peeking from under your French cuff is nothing but intriguing, and don't need to be expensive. A male style blogger I know makes his own beaded bracelets which cost him 50 cents each, but he wears them stacked up next to his Rolex. Tiffany & Co's black titanium cuff with embossed logo is a masculine addition to your signature look.

Put a pin on it

Ted Baker pin.

The sky's the limit when it comes to men's accessories and the lapel pin has shown its versatility and appeal this season. Pins add that creative touch to a suit or sports jacket.

It's also known as a boutonniere, if you wish to be more dapper in your dialogue, and are made from a variety of materials such as silk, chiffon, felt and paper. More cutting-edge looks incorporate metals, metallic and, as this Ted Baker pin shows, feathers and fly-fishing finesse.

Hanging around

Lanvin tie pin.

A tie is a statement, a sign of membership, and shows you've taken the time to present your best self. Whether in a formal or casual setting, ties are re-emerging in luxury fashion houses.

Add a tie bar and you've got some serious sophistication in your apparel game. Luxury brands such as Lanvin are returning them to their former glory.

Experience within retail trend analysis companies has earned Louise Edmonds cred in the luxury menswear sector. The founder of utilises her passion and understanding of fashion to deliver a fresh, edgy take on men's style.