Five unsung wardrobe heroes

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Showing up at a function or event looking suave and sharp doesn't just happen. It takes some grooming, preening, perhaps some exercise too, and that's before you've even popped on a t-shirt.

Most guys didn't pay much attention to the lessons of clothing care bestowed upon them by doting mothers, so as a refresher to those dusty and dishevelled dudes, we've listed five of the most important tools that every man should have and use to set themselves apart from the pack, making them bright, shiny and almost new.

1. A good iron

Just in case you didn't know, an iron is a tool that helps to remove wrinkles from fabrics. What most guys don't know is how to buy or use them. Spend as much or as little as you can. Just make sure it has a non-stick plate and a steam function.

2. Wooden hangers

Throw away those flimsy wire coat hangers that you've collected from your drycleaner and invest in some quality solid wooden jacket hangers that will last you a lifetime. They're perfect for keeping your suit jackets and winter coats in great shape without leaving pinch marks on the shoulders.

3. Shoe trees

So you've forked out a bit for some decent hand-made leather shoes. Keeping them looking like that for many more years is easy when using a Shoe Tree. Opt for a wooden, preferable cedar one as it keeps the leather from developing creases and helps to deodorise, too.

4. Needle & thread

The last time most guys held a sewing needle and thread was during high school Home Economics. The importance of such “life skills” were lost to many at the time, but for any sartorially inclined gent, knowing how to sew a button or repair a hole can be very handy, and can save you plenty of cash.

5. Lint remover

Dark jackets and coats attract lint and dust like bears to honey. Nothing looks worse than a guy wearing a good suit covered with dandruff-like flecks all over it, so don't underestimate the importance of using a lint remover. Far cheaper than taking it to a laundromat.

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