For sale: The racing car you can’t race

It costs more than $500,000 but Mercedes new SLS racer is designed for the garage.

Talk about a niche vehicle: Mercedes-Benz and AMG are offering a 446,250 Euro ($565,000 before local taxes) racing car that is best left in the garage instead of on the grid.

Limited to just five examples the SLS GT3 ‘45th anniversary’ edition is being aimed strictly at “car collectors with a particular penchant for motor racing”.

It is designed to celebrate 45 years since Mercedes-Benz first raced the SL model.

Based on the existing SLS GT3 race car that competes in events around the world including the Australian GT Championship, the 45th anniversary edition includes a number of styling tweaks but no major mechanical changes.

The biggest difference is a matte grey paint job, silver sign writing on the door that says “45 Years of Driving Performance” and carbon fibre finish on the dashboard.

But perhaps the most fitting special feature of this not-for-racing racing car is a bespoke car cover.

The engine may be the same but it is fitted into the car by German touring car legend and AMG ambassador Bernd Schneider. Thankfully for those forking over half a million bucks for this car he is assisted by a professional mechanic.

If an owner does decide to take this car out of the garage AMG will provide them with a personal coaching session on the track with Schneider.