For the best men's fashion, there really is no other store like David Jones

If David Jones has one message for consumers, it's that this is the year for taking a risk.

Upending the annual runway experience that highlights what trends are in store for autumn winter in favour of an immersive spectacle deep in the belly of Hobart's MONA, DJs made it clear that they are the style destination for men in 2019.

Chris Wilson, David Jones' General Manager for Menswear, sums up what the lads can expect in one succinct word: "Newness".

"We've got a lot of new brands coming to David Jones menswear and I'm personally really excited about having brands like MSGM coming in that hits that street luxe look and feel. We have Alexander McQueen coming in, Kent and Curwen, and All Saints has its first full winter look for us...Menswear really has a lot of newness coming through."

On the runway

When it came to seeing first hand what Wilson meant by newness, the results didn't disappoint.

While the menswear category felt somewhat smaller than previous years, there was more clarity as to who the David Jones man is. And who he will be. The building blocks of great style were all there: prints, bold colours, classic suiting, graphic tees from core menswear Paul Smith, Calibre, Versace and Emporio Armani.

But it was a carefully curated mix of the traditional integrated with the modern that gives you an idea of what Wilson has in store when he says that men will be finding themselves shopping in a new way this year, one where style guides are as much part of the shopping experience as the final purchase.

"[We] want to offer men the 'how to' service – how do you put outfit solutions together, how do you wear this jacket with those pants; can you dress it up, dress it down. I think that's really important." Wilson explains.

"A guy will come on and research something as simple as a white cotton T-shirt and he wants to see what options there are but he also wants to know how it wears with this style of trousers or that this style of denim is great with it and we will continue to build on that."


What to expect

Rather than a slew of trends that focus on the minutiae, David Jones predicts four key concepts that encapsulate the diversity of the stylish man's wardrobe.

Creative Manifesto

Expressive and directional clothing that favouring bright colours, slogan T-shirts and sporty silhouettes. Brands such as Kenzo, MSGM and Tommy Hilfiger are the go-to for this look.

Easy Street

An elegant mix of sportswear and tailoring that veers towards more relaxed cuts. Boss and ZZegna are masters of this particular style.

Common Ground

Romantic, timeless, understated and masculine. It's traditional style that comes with modern details. Think turtlenecks, knitted polos, quilted vests from brands like Gant, Versace, and Polo Ralph Lauren. 

The new formal

Where street style mixes with formal elements; traditional suiting is softened with sneakers. Unstructured jackets worn with hoodies. Double-breasted suits, sharp tailoring are still hugely important but the season ahead will explore how these traditional style details can be implemented in more modern ways. Calibre, Canali, Armani, and contemporary label Sand should be your go to here.

A stylish solution

But the end game for Wilson, and David Jones at large, is educating men that great style isn't just about the brand you wear but how you actually wear it.

"What's really exciting is the evolution of brands into a genuine lifestyle," says Wilson.

"You can wear them casually, you can wear to work; dress it up and dress it down and have the full kit and caboodle of shoes, shirts, jackets, accessories, chinos – the whole lot. And you can see that when you walk into a David Jones store now with the mannequins that have the full outfit solutions. And this is exciting, particularly for men."

Take a look at the gallery above to see the full trend selection of David Jones AW19.

The writer travelled to Hobart as a guest of David Jones.