Getting a custom-made Ferrari is the ultimate expression of personal style

Ferrari's tailor-made atelier service has little to do with luxury suiting and more to do with customising your purchase when you buy a prestige Italian car.

If you're lucky enough to do the deal at their headquarters in Maranello, Italy – which model and friend of Ferrari Jarrod Scott did in June last year – then you'll be accompanied by a personal Ferrari designer who guides you on your journey.

Buyer's choice

The rise in customisation comes from the consumer's need to go beyond luxury's face value. And it's a particularly popular add-on for Ferrari buyers who rarely purchase a top end vehicle without a final handshake in the personalisation department.

Buyers can choose their own colour scheme, interiors that reflect one's personality to cabin trims and leather finishes that embrace elegance and racing cool at once. It's a chance to experiment and style your own car with cashmere or even denim fabrications if you like, for extra street cred.

The crux of Ferrari's tailor-made program is about putting in those extra details into a car that is already bound to turn heads. This is where fancy suede leather seating hint at Italian style as much as it nods to its racing superiority.

Beastly engines race roar in contrast to DIY interiors that say more about your personality than a social media post can. It's premium luxe inside and out where every stitch and paint finish is a reflection of your own sense of self.

And if you're paying $760K+ on a GTC4 Lusso – adding an extra $100+ won't make much more of a dent in your back pocket either.

From runway to racetrack

When Jarrod Scott customised his 488 Spider, the model hinted he spent around $65,000 in customisation in just a couple hours at the Maranello headquarters – but says that figure could be a whole lot more.

He chose ultra-suede fabric in dark charcoal for his seats – they are perforated in the centre and come with a yellow stitching contrast for a racing pinstripe nod.  


"I wasn't really aware of how many choices there would be available until I arrived at the Tailor-Made atelier at Ferrari," admitted Scott.

"The process usually takes a few days but I only had two hours as I needed to get to Madrid for a modelling job. I was supported with my own personal Ferrari designer".

Scott wanted his 488 Spider (base starting price $530K) to be big on detail, but not so obvious at first glance.

"It's only when you take the time to really look at it up close that you notice it's a black car, but with a high level of metal flake in the paint which is amazing for reflections," he says.

Hot wheels

When it came to the wheel finishes, Scott wanted to go bold.

"I wanted the wheels to stand out so I had the callipers blacked which makes them pop a lot more," he says.

"I'm also obsessed with carbon fibre, so all the finishing trimmings are in matte carbon which adds the Scuderia racing feel."

Scott added a yellow stripe on the paddler shifters for contrast and a yellow pinstripe stitching throughout the whole car, finishing the vehicle off with the 'infinity line', which is the yellow stripes on the paint – a detail he says salutes LaFerrari. 

Live for the experience

There's a buzz that comes with undertaking the customised service at the headquarters – and Scott says he'll never forget arriving at the iconic gates to do just that.

"Even before I got to the factory in Maranello, I saw 488 Spiders, La Ferrari Aperta, 488 Challenge, 812 Superfast all driving on the streets of Italy," he says.  "I got the feeling of how proud everyone that works there is about the brand".

"What really stood out to me was the impressive architecture of the F1 building where the employees mostly focus on F1 development – there's a lot of secrets in that section."