High-end men's bomber jackets are taking off

With a tailor-made attitude, the bomber jacket has had a masculine appeal since it was first produced in 1917. Crossing over from MA-1 fighter pilot jacket to super smart casual attire, it's a heavyweight style player that can be worn all year.

The 'bomber' has weathered many storms since its original days keeping pilots warm in freezing cockpits to current high-fashion interpretations on the catwalk.

Dive glamour

English skinheads and Mods of the late '60s first adopted the jacket due to its style archetype of the hunter, warrior and hero. Then came the college jackets of the '70s and sports memorabilia from the '80s.

Today, movie stars and hip hop artists have made it a significant fashion item worn by the likes of Kanye West, Pharrell and the coolest guy in your office.

The runway bomber jackets created by Valentino, Gucci and Louis Vuitton are the top pieces to invest in this year due to the bold designs and fabrics which lift a casual look to supreme style with heavily embroidered silk and satin detailing. These collegiate cool statement pieces are far from the ubiquitous black many would reach for in the year's past.

Current styles are embellished with leather trims for a luxurious point of contrast, cut from rolls of lustrous satin and printed with various emblems.

Colouring in

Tonal palettes in butter creams, gunmetal greys and midnight blues are in profile, ensuring you can match and layer your current wardrobe. Designers have been so inspired by reinvigorating the bomber jacket, that new fabric dying techniques have been created alongside hand-painting individual pieces to create a degraded look.

Linings are opulent with artistinal printed fabrics, with some reversible jackets offering the opportunity of a completely different look.

Unique designs handcrafted from vintage fabrics result in one-of-a-kind pieces, sought after by men who appreciate distinct old-world luxury.


It's even on the fast fashion train, with H&M and Zara turning up with a cargo load of bombers to provide their own version for those on a tighter budget.

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