How Activated Nutrients is combining science with wellness

Helping change the world; it's a bold statement, and an admirable one at that. But it's what

Blair Norfolk of Activated Nutrients has pledged. Addressing the problem that 23 million Australians – or 95 per cent of the population – don't receive their daily recommended intake of fruits and vegetables, Activated Nutrients was born off the back of this worrying issue.

What it does

Bridging the gap in the market for high quality, wholefood supplements, Activated Nutrients has since developed a line of everyday vitality boosts for men, women, kids and over 50s.

"Activated Nutrients is a complete multi-vitamin that is an entirely certified organic, plant-based nutrition brand derived from plants, dried foods and superfoods. They're not lab-made nor are they synthetic, which is what you'll find in other multi-vitamin capsules," explains Norfolk.

According to Norfolk,if you take Activated Nutrients Top Up for just three days you'll be energised, sleep better, have less sugar cravings and your mental focus is sharp; it's health and wellness rolled into one easy-to-take product.

For personal reasons

While Norfolk started Activated Nutrients with the purpose of educating, raising awareness and, inevitably, helping people to live a healthy lifestyle.

But there was a personal gain for the 33-year old who, prior to founding the company, lived an active lifestyle travelling the world as a professional model.

Diagnosed with two incurable autoimmune diseases, Norfolk set off on a mission to improve his own health, discovering in the process that wholefoods have incredible healing powers.

"We wanted to generally solve a problem and help people, rather than just sell a product. We are a lucky country that has great food options, but we're not taking advantage of the fact we have access to this fresh produce," says Norfolk.


The science of supplements

Where Norfolk differs from other wellness entrepreneurs is in the back end detail.

It took years of research, product trials and R&D before hitting the shelves, ensuring that each product would beat competitors in product quality and efficacy, rather than marketing.

And pioneering the way is a team of industry professionals with the know-how and dedication to make the world a better place – people like Dr. Jaroslav Boublik (or simply Dr JB) who has worked in the nutrition industry for over 30-years.

"We're not trying to replace food; we're trying to create a concentrated form of food that ensures you get your nutrient requirements every single day," says Dr. Boublik, Chief Science Officer, Activated Nutrients.

"It's the most holistic plant-based products that we can come up with; it's the antithesis of drug therapy."

In the hands of experts

Today, Activated Nutrients is thriving in the nutritional space. Stocked in just 25 pharmacies last year, as of April 2019, they can be found in over 1100 pharmacies around Australia.

"Pharmacies are the best outlet in Australia for our products as they are a trusted healthcare hub; they understand the difference between health and marketing hype," says Norfolk.

"They [Pharmacies] back products that really work, so it says a lot for our products to be stocked and trusted in a range of pharmacies across the country."

The business of wellness

Serving as a product for the everyday person, Activated Nutrients has built a loyal community and a returning customer, growing by 40 per cent month-on-month thanks to the success of its range.

Now, with an impressive $3 million backing from sophisticated investors, Activated Nutrients has started a Crowdfunding campaign for the everyday investor that will not only help the brand further grow, but will allow customers to invest in the company; an opportunity very rarely offered.

"We need to raise money to grow as a business, but that's not the purpose of the Crowdfunding campaign," says Norfolk.

"It's about supporting our community and our customers. Activated Nutrients has incredible customers who are the reason for our success. So, it only makes sense that we offer them an opportunity to join us on our ride to the top."

What's next?

The future is bright for Activated Nutrients. With sights to enter the 60 billion health food market in China, as well as launch a world-first in pre and Probiotics products, Norfolk and his team are working relentlessly hard to give people the best chance of living a healthy lifestyle.

"We have spent the last two years in the lab working on something that has never been done: formulated pre and probiotics, looking specifically at the relationship between gut microbiome and human health," says Norfolk.

"They are medical-style probiotics that will help support gut health, as well as treat and prevent the serious conditions associated with the gut, such as bone loss, IBS, iron deficiency, mood, and allergic asthma."