How are those resolutions going?

Wow, it's been a month since my last Boot Camp column. So much has happened. I had a few too many holiday beers, way too much Christmas ham (then dessert and more ham). I hiked and watched some quality summer movies. And then got back into the health and fitness groove.

It's late January. Has your health and fitness plan kicked into third gear? Or are you already falling back into old habits? Here are some random thoughts I had over the break that can affect all-over health and wellness into 2014.

New Year's resolutions …

… just don't cut it.

According to research in the Journal of Psychology, only 8 per cent of people achieve their New Year's resolution, and the most common resolution is … guess what? Losing weight.

I wonder how many juice cleanses and diets started on January 1, only to be negated by the first Friday drinks and holiday food. We all know what we need to do when it comes to health and fitness. Enough with the resolutions that don't last the month – make 2014 a year of lifestyle change. Make a plan. Execute. And then be patient. Change will happen.

Being called the fattest woman ever…

… on The Biggest Loser Australia is damaging. Having it aired on national television is even more so.

We all have different levels of sensitivity, and the mind/body connection is a direct and delicate one. None of us should be so exposed or worry so much about weight. Imagine if you was you, half naked on a weigh scale. The embarrassing numbers. How you compare to the heaviest in town. That makes for a psychologically disastrous day.


We all need to concentrate on lifestyle change and lose some weight – that's no joke. In 2014, let's all focus on what's right – moving our bodies, eating healthier food, drinking less, and resting up.

I didn't get enough…

… quality rest.

Sleep is so important, and I failed over the holiday break. I wanted to rest, recharge, and do some hiking in Hobart… I ended up working and hosting guests. I was up early and home a bit later than normal, and sleep suffered. Bad move, Mike.

Harvard Health reported six reasons to get enough sleep: learning and memory, metabolism and weight control, safety, mood, cardiovascular health, and fighting off disease. Enough said. Hobart, here I come.

I walked past McDonald's…

… and I could believe what I saw.

I walked by again a day later, and I confirmed it. I walked by a third time and realised I needed to become a lab rat.

I ate an order of fried 'Cheesy Macaroni Snacks' - so that you don't have to.

Here's my review: “It oozes with cheese, salt, and fat. Grease squirts all over your mouth. And a crunchy coating hit my stomach and (later my) toilet with some kind of force. I'm still not sure I ate food.” Look out, 2014 Good Food Guide, I think I'm good at this reviewing caper.

Being broken up with over email…

… is not nice.

She emailed just before the holidays. It's the second time such an event happened to me in the last couple of years. Whether you meet your partner at a bar, online, or through a set-up, it's time we aim to have hard chats with mates and dates without the SMS or email, but face to face. When it comes to relationships, no form of communication beats the spoken word, and it certainly helps the emotional and psychological healing process - all relating to our health.

On the upside, being single in summer in Sydney is just fine. I'm smiling.

A week off from training…

… is generally a good thing. Overtraining hurts, and taking a one-week rest is beneficial – your muscles and joints will thank you for it.

Miss two weeks, and you're going to lose a bit of your fitness. Three weeks? And it's going to be hard (and hurt) when you get back into full-body, functional movement.


… is also a good thing. We all need a bit of peace in our lives. Some go to church, some yoga, and some do a bit of meditation, Buddhist-style.

No matter your choice, it's good to have a method to get your head away from life's daily stressese. Over my break, my meditation came via Sydney Harbour hikes. It was me and the lizards and kookaburras, beaches with views, water, sun, and tranquillity. 'How's the serenity?' That Dale Kerrigan was a smart man.

We are drinking…

… way too much.

I like a beer. I like a few too many beers, actually, but I know I can handle myself and my manners.

Too many Aussies are proving they can't handle their drug of choice – alcohol. Girls are cheap-wedges-up-and-face-down-in-gutters while guys are taking on innocent bystanders and policemen like some D-grade Steven Seagal film.

What happened to jolly, funny and tipsy Aussies having a good time and helping each other get home safely?

Excess is causing a lot of problems. It's time for less booze, less violence, and better living.

The Australian government…

… is studying the importance of Vitamin D by monitoring 25,000 elderly individuals. Half the group will take a Vitamin D pill, and the other half will take a placebo.

Personally, I think the study could save a lot of money by using no pills, and simply monitoring people that get outdoors and exercise in the sun, versus the other half who have year-round TV and Nintendo tans. Why study pills, powders and potions, when Mother Nature provides us with plenty of Aussie sun? Spending time in the outdoors, from young to old, is a lifesaver.

In 2014, stay classy (and healthy), Australia.

There's nine of mine, what's one of your thoughts for a healthier you in 2014?

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