How Chris Pine quietly became the best dressed man of 2018

Move over Jared Leto because leading man Chris Pine has stolen your job as the thinking man's crash test dummy for new trends.

Following his successful push to take overalls off the tattooed back of tradies and into the first class lounge of Los Angeles airport the Star Trek and Wonder Woman actor is making a strong case for caftans.

Ignoring speedo-clad visitors to Mykonos, Pine was photographed in Capri wearing a caftan with hippie credibility.

Lord of leisure

The heavyweight hemp vibe of the piece with its masculine black trim made it clear that the outfit was carefully considered and not snatched from girlfriend Annabelle Wallis's Camilla collection.

Accessorised with a straw fedora, dark sunglasses and espadrilles, Pine looks like a well-scrubbed Johnny Depp, mixing the relaxed chic of The Talented Mister Ripley with the DGAF attitude of  '70s caftan king Demis Roussos.

Think of the kaftan as a summer onesie or hippie romper, without the creepy connotations of trying to dress like a toddler.

Here are some other ways that you can join the Pinenuts and make Chris Pine your sartorial go-to guy.

Colour coordinate

While promoting the next instalment of the surprise box office smash Wonder Woman, Pine used his style superpowers to steal the spotlight from the genetically privileged Gal Gadot, with two outfits that made the most of tonal dressing.

At the Turner Upfronts in New York Pine layered a Pinot Noir-coloured polo shirt with Merlot pants creating an intoxicating blend that goes down a treat with loafers.


Do follow Pine's lead and ditch the belt so that you don't break up the cool collision of colours. Don't tuck the polo shirt in, however, if you plan on holding onto your winter body this spring. If you've been trading crunches for Crunchies go untucked to achieve the same tonal triumph.

Try this at home with Saturdays NYC Jake Polo, from Incu, teamed with Etro's stretch cotton chinos from Mr Porter.

Peachy keen

At Comic-Con Pine reprised his spring fling with tonal dressing with the more challenging marigold trousers teamed with an apricot linen shirt.

While yellow is a as difficult a colour for fashion as it is snow, Pine pulls off the combination by keeping things casual with an untucked long-sleeved linen shirt and cropped trousers.

This is best done with Uniqlo's Premium Linen long-sleeved shirt teamed with Presidents Icarus corduroy trousers from


Not all of Pine's picks are outlandish. For off-duty looks, when the overalls are in the wash, he channels '00s Brad Pitt with success (Gwyneth Paltrow not included).

The long-sleeved white shirt is a basic every man should have in his wardrobe but it's the relaxed fit jeans that win for an upcoming Sunday session.

We know that Pine has got a gym-body that can rock a tank top and tighter denim but everything about this look is effortless, including the workboots.

Rock the look with One Teaspoon Mr.White jeans and a Jac + Jack Ewing T-shirt.

Forever young

Even Pine gives in to trends, such as the short-sleeved printed shirt made popular by Harry Styles, formerly of One Direction.

Rather than emulate dirty rockers Pine balances the look with jeans white enough to make Pitbull jealous.

We're guessing he's taking notes, along with Jared Leto, right now.

Jack London's crane short sleeve shirt should be your go to.