How do you fly?

Here at the Suits You news desk we ask only the tough questions.  This week's hard-hitting report: zip or button fly?

I have long been a stickler for the button fly. It's a more traditional, authentic, work wear style, tailored for the individual. It being my preference, I have used it in every single pair of trousers I have ever made.

Recently though, I bought a pair of basic Levi black jeans with an antiqued bronze zip fly and I have to say, it's easy and it's good. So much for my ideals of authenticity!

But this change has not been without its challenges.

You know when you leave the house, how there's a silent and standard procedure - something along the lines of spectacles, testicles, wallet and watch.  They are the four or five steps that correspond to the things you absolutely have to take with you.  You barely think about it, you tap your chest pocket, your back pocket, your left front and your right front. Check, check, check and check.

Problems arise when you introduce an anomaly, maybe a file or a book for a colleague. It becomes part of the silent checklist and often results in one of the standards being overlooked.  As you tick the numbers they all check out, until you're three blocks from home and realise you've left your phone on the table.

This is what I was like with the introduction of the new fly. It changed the checks I made, altering the subconscious numbers game I played at the beginning of each and every new day.  One, two, three, four - damn it, my fly's still down!

I'm a firm believer - much like when you see a friend's tooth covered in parsley at dinner - that you have to raise the alarm straight away.  Don't mess about, just say it. Help them out on the spot so they're not embarrassed later.  The same applies with the fly. You don't want to be selling hotdogs and if you find out you are, don't make a song and dance of it, just zip it up and move on.

It's just one of life's little games. I'm OK now, in case you were worried or wondering.  My altered checklist is now part of the routine. The only problem I have is that this particular fly has a nasty habit of undoing itself, particularly if I've had my hands in the pockets, which is a bit of a problem in the course of a normal day.  So now I keep my eye out, yet despite my vigilance, it seems to come down at the most inopportune times.

For those who are about to flame me for being a sell-out, never fear. Every now and again I pull out the 14oz Japanese selvedge denim with button fly to remind me where I came from and to keep it real.  None of this modern zipper rubbish, button authenticity is the only way to fly.

Over to you guys.  Button or zip, which do you prefer?  Do you let your mates know when they have a 'fly issue'? You know you saw it, now how do handle the situation?

This article How do you fly? was originally published in The Age.