How Jett Kenny went from a childhood in the spotlight to lifesaving model

As the son of sporting greats Lisa Curry and Grant Kenny, Jett Kenny is more than accustomed to life in the media spotlight – he's been tabloid fodder ever since he was born.

In his second outing with the department store, Kenny is trading his beloved Maccas and boardies for bespoke canapes and a suit at the Caulfield Cup as the Face of Racing for David Jones. This year the 23-year-old is taking over the social media account for the department store on the big day and sharing an insider's experience of the coveted space.

Rising star

It may also seem inevitable that his media-savvy mother would take the lead in pushing her son to make the most of his model looks and shift from sandy beach life to the catwalk.

Whether Kenny can make it in fashion remains to be seen, but his positioning thus far is thanks to a persistent mum who got his career rolling. So, is he just winging it, is he truly ambitious?

"I am doing a bit of both you could say," he says.

All in the family

Kenny still lives with his Mum and sisters (Jaimi Lee and Morgan) in his childhood home, but still doesn't feel comfortable describing himself as a model. He finds himself in good company too – he is signed to Vivien's Models – which is home to the biggest modelling names like David Genat and Coco Rocha. But it will take Kenny more than good looks, blessed genes and a fit physique to get him through the mind games of the fashion set – it's competitive on a global scale and he knows it.

"Mum is the one responsible for the transition into modelling," says Jett Kenny.

"She's the one who really pushed me and my sisters to get into modelling as kids, but weren't that way inclined. She sent photos to Vivien's Models and I got my first catwalk gig this year with David Jones in August and now I'm coming back for more," he says.

Born for the water

Most of his time, however, is spent in preparation for competing in Ironman Surf Life Saving Champions.


He trains five hours a day to be competition-ready for - that's a two-hour swim followed by a beach run and core exercises six days a week. And when he's not competing, he's sitting on a beach watching swimmers between the flags.

"It's a pretty boring job, but I guess a quiet day is a good day because it means nobody is in danger," he says.

Brotherly love

As the youngest of three, Kenny says he's learned a lot about women being surrounded by them.

"To all the sisters out there," he raps.

"Females are complex creatures and I keep my distance when I know I have to and I try not to stir them up too much at home.

"But seriously, being the youngest, my sisters have been like second mothers to me. It made me a bit lazy as a result."

The reluctant celebrity

While Kenny admits that he took up lifesaving as a career until he really figures out what he wants with his life, he's open to what new doors could open from this venture with David Jones.

"I am taking it as it comes.

"If you asked me if I would do modelling, be involved in fashion or be on TV show a few years ago [Australian Ninja Warrior] I would have flat out said no," he says.