How to dress better at work: 23 stylish ideas to update your office wardrobe

Between getting familiar with tailors and understanding that taking a little pride in our appearance is a good thing, men have definitely picked up their game style-wise. Especially when it comes to work.

The safety net of traditional corporate-wear and 'smart casual' have helped plenty a bloke lift themselves out of a fashion funk. But it's time to take it that one step further and move from simply looking good to great.

Judge your audience

"You have to judge the situation and the environment," explains Country Road's menswear designer David Loetje.

"One thing that casual doesn't mean is, messy dirty or weekend wear. I think the smartest approach is the rise in separates wardrobe. An item jacket over a complementary pant or even smart chino can be worn dressed up with a tie and pocket square or dressed more informally removing the tie but definitely keep your pocket square."

For example: instead of the slick blue suit you normally would reach for, build an outfit from scratch: black denim, charcoal tweed blazer with a white pocketsquare and a white shirt.

Minor details, major impact

Another method of tweaking your corporate style from from boring to blazing is to pay attention to the details.

"Accessories are really important, plus well looked after quality shoes and a matching belt will really help pull off a smart casual look," says Loetje.

Swap out the much-loved brogues for a polished loafer; ditch the messenger bag for either an unstructured tote or go old-school with a leather briefcase. And if you wear specs, head down to the local optometrist and shake up your image with a brand new pair of frames.

"More brands are offering a seasonal update to their eyewear collection," explains Rodney Grunseit, CEO Sunshades Eyewear.


"This allows men to explore different colourways, shapes and sizes – plus providing men the opportunity to create a signature look or match a frame to their personality, attitude or an occasion. Key colours for men this year are classics including navy, matte black with an increasing amount of transparent frame options, also look out for khaki and brass tones towards the end of the year."

Think outside the traditional box

Playing with texture and pattern can also pay dividends in the style stakes. Instead of the classic business shirt, try a denim shirt beneath your blazer. This may sound like a strange juxtaposition but with the right tie hits the right balance between casual and corporate.

Same goes for your footwear: take your cue from the most controversial look from the runway - sneakers with your suit – to create a sense of louche comfort.

Why it all matters

The impact of a great sense of style should never be underestimated. The importance of first impressions aside, it's also a statement of confidence and taking a sense of pride in yourself.

It shows you pay attention to the small details and you're not afraid to step outside the comfort zone of following suit so to speak – something that, for all our bravado, men are more likely to do than women. Especially with fashion. Herd animals, and all that jazz.

Then there's the competitive side of it. This may sound shallow, but if you're gunning for a promotion alongside Barney from accounts, looking like you just stepped out of a catalogue could give you the edge you need to make it over the finishing line. Assuming your work standard is up to scratch, of course.

Check out the gallery above for 23 of the best tips to updating you daily work look.