How to dress for your body shape when you're a bigger bloke

Finally, women of all sizes are beginning to be embraced by the hungry world of fashion,

Unfortunately, the same can't be said for the brawiner blokes amongst us.

With designers such as Hedi Slimane at Céline (sorry, "Celine") continuing to promote adolescent coathangers, getting guidance can be confusing. The trick is to look beyond the runway to solidly built designers such as Kanye West at Yeezy and Kim Jones at Dior Homme or to the big screen and follow the lead of Dwayne Johnson to be large and in charge.

1. Suits

It's all about fit and the fabric. Ignore dated advice about not wearing colours or patterns and look to heavier fabrics that will sit with ease and cuts that disguise problem areas.

If you have a large belly, pay close attention to where you want the waistband of your trousers to sit. While under the belly might be more comfortable, across the belly suits many of the emerging wider leg cuts and is more visually appealing.

Ditch a belt in favour of side tabs or snappy suspenders and learn to love waistcoats as a way of stylishly concealing your mid-section.

Shoulder barge

Pay attention to your jacket shoulders. This rule applies no matter what your size is but many large men try to balance bellies with a wider shoulder. Don't.

Get the fit right at the shoulders and then look for a pinch mid-torso to give your upper body a tapered look and obliterate being described as boxy.

So that you're not swimming in a sea of fabric don't let your jacket go long. It should delicately skim the bottom of your buttocks


Rugby thighs

If every day is leg day look for a relaxed fit with trousers that gives you room to move from the waist to the knee. Then you want a gently tapered fit to your hems.

Straight legs can result in a boxy look and wide legs starts to stray into zoot suit territory.

The shirt

Same statistic that applies to women in ill-fitting bras can surely be used for large men in shirts. Wearing a collar size that's too small might help your ego but looks terrible.

Make sure that you can run your finger between your neck and collar with ease to prevent dreaded neck rolls.

2. Keep it Casual

Tops and T-shirts – ignore the old rules about crewnecks creating too great an expanse of fabric and follow Kanye West's lead with relaxed fits that skim the body but stop short of being slouchy and slobby.

Nothing will accentuate man boobs or a straining stomach than a top that's too tight or stops short of the waistline. This is where length counts so make sure that your stomach is covered when you reach for the handle on the train or the cheque in a restaurant.

More structured T-shirts in stiffer fabrics (Saturdays, COS and Jac + Jack are worth a look) will nail casual cool. Just take the Goldilocks approach and shop for a top that's not too loose nor too tight.

Fashion is on your side at the moment with a variety of baseball style tops and raglan sleeve sweaters, which add definition to the upper body even if you haven't performed a push up since high school.

Jeans and tracksuit pants

Play with any colour of the rainbow, fashion is about fun, but darker colours tend to work best below the waist.

Once again, look for room to move in the thighs and tapering below the knees for jeans. A carrot fit like a pair of Levi's 502 style or Aussie label Neuw's Ray denim style are ideal.