How to get the style of the world's best-dressed men

The age old question – what is great style? Often debated, sometimes surprising, but really does only go one of two ways.

With the power of the celebrity still having an effect on how we define style, it's often hard to know which camp to be in – classic and safe, or OTT and exciting. It's a bit like aristocracy versus nouveau riche, really.

The great divide

A great example of the latter is the style paradigms being set by Gucci, Prada and Fendi. They're know to rustle a few feathers (quite literally, sometimes) to present what newer, millennial friendly, more outre fashion.

Emblazoned denim bomber jackets with jewelled appliqué, bright primary colours, wide (or extremely skinny) legged trousers, hybrid rubber stacked sole footwear and pattern upon pattern accessories. And let's be honest, we aren't actually hating it.

In contrast, classic dressing. The safer option with traditional colours palettes, familiar cuts. Here rests the classic black suits, chambray shirts and tailored trousers. Brogues. Boat shoes. Ties. While classic dressing might seem to lack a distinct personality, it does have style. And a very good one at that.

Depending on your penchant for dress, you could easily accommodate both kinds of clothes in your wardrobe. Even, using a little from each to make the other either more modern and fresh or tone down the volume a little.

The best way to get the hang of how to is to look at those gents who are really leading the way in their particular sartorial genres.

The men of OTT

Jared Leto

Once known as the guy dating Cameron Diaz and front man for Thirty Seconds to Mars, Jared Leto has become a style icon in his own right, with a none-too-subtle penchant for Gucci  - often head to toe with all of the accessories.


He alternatively pulls off what can kind of be described as classic dressing in a three-piece suit, but with a twist, before taking it to the maximum extreme the following day.

How to do it

Mimicking The Joker may be a hard in everyday life, but a flourish here and there wouldn't hurt either.

One of Leto's more signature moves is a preference for non-traditional colours – lime green, violet, yellows...the list goes on. If the idea of a canary yellow suit doesn't work for you, start smaller like a bomber jacket, or swapping out the white business shirt for a bold pattern.

A$AP Rocky

Another in the OTT style camp is rapper A$AP Rocky. The bloke really knows how to wear colour well, is rarely caught without a sneaker on, and wears the fiercest grill you'll ever see.

Picked up as a face for all the big advertising runs, Rocky is probably most memorable for the Dior campaign with that big red coat. Colour is definitely his thing, and his fans (whether they think they are fans or not), take those little style bites and try to weave it into their wardrobes.

How to do it

Much like Leto, A$AP rocks colour and often. But what he also does is mixes high-low - sneakers with suits, singlets with cashmere coats.

Graphic tees with tailored trousers, turtlenecks under denim jackets or even brogues with shorts. The finished effect should be jarring, but somehow effortless.

The Ryans aka The Classics

Ryan Gosling

He's the guy every girl (and some men) wants to be with. But for a lot of us, he's the ultimate style icon. He oozes classic taste.

Whether you're a fan of La La Land or not, the wardrobe in the film was complete perfection, and really showed a little bit of old school Hollywood cool in a modern way. His off screen wardrobe is just as perfect, often opting for collared navy shirts, plain denim jackets or crisp white tees.

How to do it

Head straight to your nearest tailor and get suited up. There isn't much more to it than that, although Gosling doesn't always play by the rules. He was quick off the mark to adopt the pyjama collar shirt, has been known to ditch the shirt and tie for a more minimalist finish and who can forget his silk bomber in Drive?

Ryan Reynolds

The other Ryan, Reynolds is fond of a classic tux. With that being said, the Deadpool actor is known for having an everyday wardrobe the common should aspire to.

Once more, facial hair has a big role to play in this classic look, proving the slight-stubble trend isn't going anywhere fast.

How to do it:

Despite being a Canadian, Reynolds has a solid Ivy League look about him. Chinos and chambrays, well-fitted cardigans, flatcaps, and a classic white sneaker such as Converse or Stan Smiths are his go too when off duty.

Check out the gallery above for a selection of best OTT vs classic gents.