How to live large and rock the oversized menswear trend

A trend for oversized clothing is blowing up the menswear scene at the moment, with everything from T-shirts, shorts and jackets looking (and feeling) bigger than they should be.

It's a '90s revival, in a big way. Think basketball, L.A., and P Diddy back when he was Puff.

It's an American vibe in oversized proportions that has made its way into even traditionally fitted kinds of clothing - activewear. Nike, P.E. Nation, The Upside... they may be marked with medium but they feel like an XXL.

A matter of size

I recently experienced this first hand after ordering something from local brand P.E. Nation, not knowing the size ranges and how they run. Being the nerd I am, I emailed one of the founders and asked her how about sizing.

I got my advice, added it to my cart and not long after the items arrived at the other end. Straight up, one of the shirts felt big. Way too big.

No longer so confident with what I've chosen, I rolled it back into the Jiffy bag and contemplated returning it. But before I did, I texted a seflie of myself wearing the top to a mate who I knew would be honest with me. The response was enlightening – the shirt wasn't the issue, just my confidence in pulling it off.

Easier said than done, but I'm getting there and I dare say I'm a convert to the comfort.

How to wear it

For other gents who are keen to dip their toe into the baggy scene, here are a few thoughts: pick something that suits you colour-wise – one risky look at a time, otherwise it just looks messy.

And keep to your standard staples of blacks, greys and whites. They're a fail safe. Aussie brands Bassike and P.E Nation are solid for these. Get online, pick something you like and add it to cart. You won't be disappointed.


Want to keep it conservative?  Brands such as Balenciaga and Vetements work better buying a size down, letting you work the trend without going overboard. And temper it by investing in a more tailored piece at the same time. Keep your jeans a straight leg but run the oversized sweater, or vice versa – the pants loose, but the shirt tailored.

Keep it individual

Its funny really – I often do a scan around the office, and look at who's wearing what. Undoubtedly, there's often a lot of black. There's those who wear the same, standard, slimline go-to outfits. And then there are the fashion forwards, wearing a shirt that on the outside looks about four sizes bigger than what they should traditionally be. And that's ok, really.

Fashion is at a point of flux. A time for change, doing something new and breaking the barriers of what one should wear. The oversized fashion trend is doing just that. Bellowing t-shirts. Wide leg pants. Big is better, and it's a trend to try.

Check out the gallery above for some of the best oversized style to try out.