How to look after your skin at any age

Taking care of your skin is no longer gender specific with plenty of skincare brands doing their bit to educate men about the importance of having a bathroom routine. Whether you're in your fresh-faced 20s or approaching salt-and-pepper years, there's a product out there pitching to your skin's needs.

Get into good habits

Dr Spiller's skin expert Sue Dann says a man in his 20s needs to start caring for his skin rather than leave it to youth to get him through the decade. Even with youth on his side, ignorance is not bliss when it comes to your skin.

Because while products do their best to deliver you the anti-ageing results you're skin's begging for, the best way to keep your skin looking fit begins with daily sunscreen application, drinking lots of water and minimising your alcohol intake for an optimal glow.

Dann also says majority of men often think it's okay to use soap and water in the shower – a dangerous combination that gets the nod of disapproval.

First steps

"Cleansing is a very important step but you need to use a cleanser that doesn't strip the skin so that the oil balance isn't increased," says Dann who recommends a gentle milk cleanser from the German born Dr. Spiller range.

"Follow with a lightweight oil-based moisturiser that contains calming actives such as antioxidants," she says.

In your 20s

Oil production is high and pores can be larger thanks to higher testosterone levels. Shaving exfoliates the skin but can cause sensitivity and in-grown hairs – however it's not all doom and gloom. Using a decent cleanser will help balance your skin and prevent it from breaking out which can be common in the 20-something age bracket.

According to Zoe Devine from Skinstitut, men in their 20s don't think about the importance of avoiding premature ageing. Harmful free radicals doesn't even rate when it comes to dinner conversations for guys this age, but doing your bit to fight them by wearing sunscreen is your best bet to slow down ageing.

Devine says Skinstitut's Age Defence 50+ is ideal for men to use daily and is a two-in-one product.


In your 30s

By the time you approach your 30s and 40s, skin begs you to up the ante on routine.

It's time to add a toner to your daily ritual according to Sue Dann. It's a simple way to brighten skin tone and helps to regulate the PH balance. Adding a rich moisturiser at night will also help your skin repair and appear brighter the next day.

Drawing the line

It's also the decade to start using correctors that are rich in peptide, which stimulate collagen production and minimise fine lines.

"Correctors are designed to be more lightweight and are absorbed deeper into the skin to assist in creating change by stimulating collagen production," says Devine.

Daily dose of vitamin C

Bianca Trollope, a Dermal Clinician with the Total Face Group agrees and says Obagi's Professional C Serums are ideal for men in their 30s and 40s.

When it comes to these serums it's important to know your strengths: 10 per cent is gentle enough for daily use and suited to sensitive skin types while 20 per cent is the highest strength for oilier skin.

Serums should be applied on the face avoiding the eye area and before a moisturiser is used.

Your 40s and 50s

By the time a gentleman hits the 40s and 50s, skin tends to lose elasticity. Your skin loses fat and tends to drop as a result. Enter the holy grail of skincare – more serums and booster moisturisers with all the added benefits – think Vitamin A [for evening only application], Vitamin C and some AHA activity to reinvigorate your skin.

Liberty Belle's Andrea Moss says when it comes to skincare, men in all age brackets should be thinking about using products with active ingredients. She admits the challenge the industry faces is convincing younger men of the importance to cleanse and moisturise. By the time blokes get to middle age they want to try and reverse the ageing process which can't simply happen with product alone.

Reversing time

"By the time you're in your 30s and 40s, we tend to introduce Vitamin A," says Moss. "Guys also start doing Botox around this time and the advantage is that five to seven days after an injection your frown stops," she adds.

"Men over 50 can use stronger active ingredient products as they get older, but we find men don't want to have five different products to use daily, they just want three. Trying to get them to wash is the key and they don't really buy eye creams," she says.

Covering up the damage

Zoe Devine recommends regular facials to help maintain the skin's overall appearance. But says that the simplest methods are still the best.

"Having facials or specific skin treatments and taking care of your body within all aids in keeping you looking good as you get older no matter what age you are," adds Moss.

"Everybody wants a quick fix but the key is to be committed and realise it all really begins with sunscreen and protecting your skin from the get go."

Not quite ready to look older than you are? Check out the gallery above to see the best skincare products for your age.