How to mix and match perfect men's clothing combinations

There are fashion statements, and then there are fashion exclamations. What's the difference, you ask?

Witness Ryan Gosling's character Jacob in 2011 film Crazy, Stupid, Love. His minimalist sartorial combos work as a real fashion statement, while Cal, played by Steve Carell, wears oversized chinos, dirty running shoes and ill-fitting business shirts that make an exclamation (mostly, "I can't dress myself properly!").

We don't want your next top-to-bottom combination to scare away any potential opportunities. Here's six tried-and-tested fashion combinations that go together like gin and tonic.

Denim and camel

Denim and camel.

This year, denim and camel is a colour combo that is powerful and chic for men of all ages and career stages. Are you a trendy artist looking for your next gig, or a corporate executive who doesn't want to be bothered by common street urchins – who knows and who cares? You just look (and feel) successful. And, get this – you can choose a darker shade of each material for an even more dramatic and mysterious effect.

Navy and stripes

Navy and stripes.

There's a reason sailors get the girls, and while peak physical conditioning doesn't hurt, a big reason is that stylish sailor suits are more attractive than their camo fatigue-wearing counterparts any day of the year. Now you can bring out your inner sailor by combining navy fabrics with stripes for a casual and preppy look that's perfect for almost any social function. Ahoy, matey!

Flannel and selvedge

Selvedge and flannel.

What if lumberjacks could dress better? Well, after a clean shave and an exfoliating treatment, they would probably shrink their flannel shirts into something more form-fitting, and ditch the ratty jeans for some selvedge denim that will never fray, unravel, or curl at the base.


Turtlenecks and tweed

Turtlenecks and tweed.

Two wrongs don't make a right – but two retro styles certainly will. Since the 18th century, tweed has been keeping people warm and fashionable with its tight-knit, insulating properties. Similarly, turtlenecks are perfect for keeping men cosy and sophisticated during seasonal transitions. Put the two together, cock an eyebrow, gently rotate a brandy snifter in small circles, and you'll get terrific warmth in warm colours.

Bombers and beanies

Beanies and bombers.

When you combine military fashion with college campus wear, the results are far better than when the two factions meet in real life. There's no "protesting" the undeniable low-key fashion statement that occurs when a bomber jacket and a beanie are combined.

Suits and sneakers

Suit sneakers

Dressing down your suit with a pair of low-top sneakers (white shoes, white laces) is the perfect way to get all dressed up with nowhere to go. While we would never recommend pulling off this look at, say, a funeral, it is still a great way to freshen up a traditional look and receive positive attention while you are out-and-about. If you want to really go "out there", ditch the button-up shirt and sport a V-neck instead.

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