How to rock the double denim trend

The Canadian tuxedo, or double denim as it's otherwise known, regularly comes in and out of fashion. But let's be honest – does it ever really go out?

Denim is a versatile fabric that can easily be  dressed up (and down) as required and can lead a serious trend discussion if worn well. And that's the key to double denim: wearing it well.

So put all visions of Justin Timberlake in the '90s to the side.

Start with the basics

If you build your denim wardrobe right the first time, then everything else should come naturally. Start with the jeans – either black or an indigo blue pair. Or both!

These should also be straight cut, by the way, and not super skinny either. (There's nothing worse than bulging out of your jeans in every which direction  to achieve what you think might be a streamlined look.)

Labels such as A.P.C. and Tom Ford have nailed the less-is-more look you need to keep you double denim look from straying into bad rodeo cosplay.

With that first staple sorted, your jacket is the next step.

A lighter shade of pale

Natural inclination might suggest going for the same shade as your jeans, but what you actually want is to go a slight shade lighter. This helps differentiate the two and prevent the actual "tuxedo" effect.

If you want to ride the blue wave, opt for a darker blue denim jean, paired with a lighter denim jacket. This keeps your proportions correct as opposed to the opposite – darker on top, lighter below – which can tend to make you appear shorter.


To add a bit more depth to the look, go for a Breton stripe, giving off nautical vibes.

Fans of black however can just dive right in, matching the colour of their denim to the jacket. Unlike blue, black's versatility lets it look effortless and stylish at the same time and is, out the two, probably the easiest one to wear.

Extra features

If you're more inclined to rock the denim shirt, similar rules apply. The more washed out your shirt is in comparison to blue jeans, the better. You'd even be wise to go vintage in this instance, with all the hard work already done to get it to that right level of wearability.

Heading into summer, you might even consider throwing in a pair white jeans in the mix, too. Sitting comfortably between weekend and smart casual, they can be paired with any shirt/tee/jacket combination, and freshen up your day look with ease. White denim jeans paired with a light coloured suede boot and a chambray shirt is a summer favourite and is still a sharp fashion look.

From runway to real life

Having worked out the basics and a look  that is relatively low risk, it's time to consider the colour combos in denim many of the fashion brands are sending down the runways currently.

Raf Simons is changing up the denim looks out of Calvin Klein, with bursts of colour in the latest collections, one throwing to Pro-Art style colour treatment with flicks of what appears to be coloured paint onto traditional blue denim. Strateas.Carlucci also added colour to their SS18 'Transit' collection, releasing a range of bold block colours in red, purple, blue and maroon with oversized jackets and wide bootcut jeans.

While this looks great on the runway, real life tends to demand a look that somewhat more toned down. Choose one – the jacket is most likely the easiest and most versatile detail – and boost your double denim look like a champ who knows his stuff.

Shredded for summer

Further to the massive colour trend that is coming through, there is still room  for (a little) ripped denim in the mix. Ksubi has been pushing this trend since day dot, still offering a few key pieces with a tight even slit on each knee…maybe something for the weekend, not necessarily casual Friday.

With the trends in, there is a definite '90s throwback with wider legs, brighter colours and tailored denim as a bold statement if you embrace all three. However, the choice is yours – jump on the out-there trends and be that style setter, or work in the classics whilst still looking good (and feeling comfy) while doing it. In our books, classic blue will always remain exactly that, a classic.