How to wear a white shirt for every occasion

The humble white shirt is anything but. Work, casual weekends, formal events – there is rarely an occasion that this wardrobe staple doesn't get a chance to shine.

Not only does it suit everyone and every shape, it's one of the most versatile items in a man's wardrobe. Which may go some way to explain why it can be taken for granted when it comes to overlooking fine details.

How many of us reach into our wardrobe in a rush and pull out the first white number we find?

It's an understandable oversight. From the outset, these rather vanilla garments can be deceptively similar. But once you're familiar with their individual nuances, you'll wonder how you ever overlooked it in the first place.

Not every shirt is equal

Just like your office is a different environment to, say, a black tie event or even a Sunday afternoon at the pub, your shirt should reflect the nature of its environment.

This might sound like splitting hairs, but the point is that it's the small design elements that make the most noise.

Button down collars, French cuffs and even the weave of the cotton all play a part in matching the right shirt to your need.

For example, what you wear in the office should reflect a certain level of conservatism, although that's not to say boring.

Details such as textured cotton, pointed collar and a barrel cuff can lift even the most vanilla-looking of items into something more intriguing; and eschewing a traditional collar altogether makes all the difference between looking like a waiter and someone with an eye for great style when thrown over some black jeans and boots.

As such, here is a selection of the best, not-so-basic white shirts that will reinvigorate your appreciation for this traditional staple.

Check out the gallery above for 14 of the best white shirts for every occasion.