Inspiring dark interiors will make you rethink colour

Do you think black should be reserved for funerals and coffee? Think again.

Deep, moody hues are not only in vogue, they're surprisingly versatile (and you don't have to be a goth to use them).

Dark interior design is having a moment. Inky walls emphasise other shades used elsewhere, letting the furniture, art, and decorative objects shine in the space.

For the most in-your-face effect, treat deep shades as neutrals and pair them with saturated hues like mustard yellow, emerald green, and bright pink.

For something more subtle but twice as rich, stick to a dark palette of blacks, greys, navy blue, and hunter green.

Are you bold enough to take the plunge and paint it black? Scroll through the gallery above for some dark interior design inspiration.

This story first appeared on the D'Marge website.