Is Donald Trump the worst-dressed president ever?

In the words of 30 Rock's Jack Donaghy, you should never dress for the job you have but for the job you want.

Which begs the question: how did Donald Trump just take out the most prestigious position of power in the United States with his history of sartorial crimes?

In the larger scheme of things, ill-fitting suits and overly-long ties are fairly low on the ladder of unacceptable behaviour exhibited by a newly elected leader. But one can't overlook the fact that – for someone who just became President – Trump looks, well, rather un-presidential.

While I freely admit that a sense of style isn't a deal-breaker when it comes to voting – qualifications in the art of diplomacy plus an innate sense of justice and compassion might be a start – even our own pollies realise that a life spent in the public eye tends to require a semblance of dress sense.

And let's not forget that this is a man who has made a career on judging people for their appearance. So let's have at.

An ill-fit all 'round

One of the perks about a suit is that, with the help of a good tailor, they can be made to fit and flatter just about every body shape. 

But despite his supposed riches, Trump seems to either prefer suits bought off the rack or simply neglects to take the time required to get a proper fit. Which, when you take into account that he allegedly wears ones made by Italian tailoring house Brioni, staggers the imagination.

Consider the jacket: the shoulders are far too wide and slouch at the side, making it look like he has a hunch. The length of the jacket is excessively long causing it to balloon out. Where the precise tailoring of a great fitting jacket would normally broaden the shoulders and narrow the waistline, Trump's suits do the opposite, making him look bilious.

Same goes for the pants. Rather than the strategic one-inch break above the shoe that allows for both comfort and an aesthetic win, Trump's trouser game is, to use his own words, a mess.


All tied up

Then there's the tie. A constant presence that glares out from the too-loose folds of his jacket, Trump's ties defy good taste and sensibility. Maybe it's a lingering sentiment from his property background where bigger was always better.

By all accounts, the tip of the tie should end just above the belt buckle. This helps add the illusion of length to the leg. It's also a nifty trick to further slim-down the torso.

Trump on the other hand, notches his tie so that it dangles well over the fly of his pants. Again, it's a small detail but one that adds up to create an overall impression of sloppiness.

A hairy tale

Taking a swipe at a bloke for his hairline would be, for this writer at least, somewhat hypocritical. But freely discussing how they attempt to cover up something that more than 40 per cent of men experience is open season.

The reality of hair loss affects each of us differently. According to one account, Trump attempted to rectify this with surgery that, well, didn't go quite according to plan. This is the reason that he has stuck with what we'll call the 'reverse blow-wave' – a comb over that works more like a fold-over.

Not everyone has the Bruce Willis bravado to shave off their last remaining strands and embrace the future, this is true. But sticking to the same haircut out of desperation for more than 20 years isn't doing any favours either.

What he does do well

While Trump might make a tailor blush with his suit, where he does go right is his shirts. French cuffs with a classic collar, Trump clearly drops a pretty penny on shirting that fits well and looks great.

Admittedly, being leader of the free world isn't a fashion parade. Throughout his term, Obama was known for wearing only one colour so that he wouldn't have to think about what to wear. (A practice adopted by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to avoid decision fatigue.)

But aside from the occasional dad-denim disaster, Obama retained a sense of tailored precision with his suits.

Trump has just won the highest office in America, and what happens here on in will be fascinating regardless of your political stance. One of those fascinations will be to see if his time in the White House changes his style.