Jack Daniel's recipe claim

A British businessman believes he has found the original recipe for Jack Daniel's whiskey in a Welsh book of herbal remedies. The spirit is described as ''Tennessee whiskey'' but Mark Evans claims his great-great-grandmother invented it in Llanelli in west Wales in 1853.

A book containing the lost recipe and written in Welsh was handed to Mr Evans' grandmother, Lillian Daniels Probert, 97, by her grandmother, who was known for creating herbal medicines.

Mr Evans believes her brother-in-law, John ''Jack the Lad'' Daniels, took the recipe to Lynchburg, Tennessee, where Jack Daniel's is distilled.

''My great-great-grandmother wrote in the book in 1853, and Jack Daniel's is dated 1866, so it pre-dates it,'' he told the Llanelli Star.

It is accepted that the founder of Jack Daniel's was from Wales but the whisky company's records were lost in a fire.