Jobs of the future

Certain jobs, like cashiers and telephone operators, are dying. Other jobs, like fax machine and telex operators, have almost completely disappeared. New kinds of jobs are  emerging that no one would have thought of years ago. Consider, for example, the field of social media which is now looking for recruits. Who would have thought of something like that six years ago?

What’s more, there is every chance your job is going to look very different in 10 years time. True, we’re a long way from the paperless office - chances are that will never happen - but look at the trends.  Everything that can’t be nailed down is being digitised, renewable energy is regarded as one of the big growth sectors, an ageing population means there will be lots of work in health and social services and there is a constant string of new developments in biotechnology and nanotechnology.

According to this career planning website, the changes are being driven by the need to save time, reduce costs,  do things faster, make things easier to use, improve safety and reliability and lessen our impact on the environment

So what are the jobs of the future? Let’s take a look.

Ian Wylie in The Guardian identifies 10 areas where the jobs of the future will lie and even makes up a few likely new job titles. There will be jobs in the environmental sector and in renewable energy (make way for the hydrogen fuel station manager); in advanced manufacturing in areas like cutting tools, machine tools, robotics and precision machining; in augmented reality combining areas like video gaming, 3D TV and the internet, robots and artificial intelligence; in education where schools, universities and other institutions have to keep pace with the need for constant retraining; in nanotechnology and biotechnology, social services and, with the looming food shortage, which is something I have flagged here, lots more agricultural workers.

Jobs on the way out include union organisers, shop assistants and soldiers (why send someone off to war when you can send a robot?).

As reported here, Popular Science magazine says jobs of the future include space pilots, organ designers, professional forecasters, Inception-type thought hackers and human robot interaction specialists.

A British government study The shape of jobs to come,  found that jobs of the future would include “vertical farmers” growing food in multi-storey buildings (which could be critical because we are losing farmland), surgeons employed to give people extra memory capacity and giving us a bit of extra RAM, farmers of genetically engineered crops and livestock, specialists in climate change reversal, alternative vehicle developers, old age and wellness managers, personal branders who will help individuals to establish their own brand across social networking sites, police officers trained to monitor weather manipulation, and electronic waste data managers employed by people who do not want to be tracked online.

Still, there are some jobs that will always be there. Like for example lawyers, politicians, entertainment artists, writers, undertakers, tax collectors, religious leaders and prostitutes. And of course, there will always be jewellery stores, movie theatres, restaurants, grocery stores, auto repair places and hair salons.

What do you think are the jobs of the future are? What trends do you see? And what jobs are on the way out?