Kanye West Yeezy sneakers draw huge bids on eBay

Sneaker-heads and Kanye West fans are losing their minds over West's newest sneaker drop: the Kanye West x Adidas Originals Yeezy 750 Boost.

The sneaker, which was the star of West's otherwise lacklustre Yeezy New York Fashion Week show, dropped the day after the show at a retail price of $US350 ($450).

They quickly sold out both in stores and online. Now they're going for much more than that on eBay.

Thousands of dollars

Auctions for the shoe are ending with a final selling price of three to five times what the sneakers originally sold for. Some of the more desirable sizes are even selling for more than $US2000.

This kind of hype isn't new for a West-designed sneaker — though it is new for Adidas. This is his first collaboration with the sportswear manufacturer after his deal with Nike fell through in 2013 over royalty concerns, according to the New York Daily News.

The price gouging online comes after a very rocky launch of the sneaker, which was planned to occur in three stages, website Complex noted. The first launch used an app-based reservation system that only worked within New York City during that city's fashion week.

This worked well enough. But one week later, the wider online release saw a spate of crashes and bugs with Adidas' website, which frustrated would-be sneaker buyers.

Enough for everyone

The sneaker was launched globally on February 28 and though they are a limited edition, West has promised that there will be enough shoes for everyone.


"Eventually everybody who wants to get Yeezys will get Yeezys," West says.

"Adidas has promised me that because there's so many kids that have wanted them that couldn't get them and I talked to the heads at Adidas and they said we can make them."

The sneakers were created through a collaboration between Kanye West and Adidas' Originals line, the rest of West's fashion line. They're made from premium suede and currently only come in grey in hi-top, though many other versions are expected.

When creating the shoe's aesthetic Kanye said he was looking to create a "sexy Ugg".