Lamborghini looks skywards

Lamborghini supercars are already jets on the road but future models are destined to adopt even more aviation technology.

The Italian sports-car maker worked with Boeing to create the core body structure of its latest hero car - the $750,000 V12-powered Aventador - and now other models are set to follow suit.

The next-generation Gallardo V10 sports car, due late next year, is expected to be made mostly from carbon fibre.

"Boeing helped us define which type of materials we will use on various parts of the car," Lamborghini carbon fibre expert Casper Steenbergen says. "Carbon fibre is, without question, stronger than aluminium and other metals and we are learning more about it every day."

The Aventador uses up to four types of carbon fibre - the only aluminium body parts are the bonnet, front mudguards and doors (which need the extra weight to close vertically). Carbon fibre is also quicker to manufacture. The carbon fibre ''tub'' in the Aventador takes six minutes to press into shape using tonnes of pressure and high temperatures. The same part in aluminium would take hours to weld together.

And the weight of the tub itself is just 37 kilograms; the same part in aluminium weighs double that.

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