Lapel pins and other stylish men's accessories

Bow ties are out, lapel pins are in. That's the hot tip for the last half of 2015 from men's style expert Jeff Lack.

"We're seeing all kind of things on lapels, like chains connected to pockets, to feathers, silk flowers, real flowers – it's a subtle way of bringing colour and texture to your outfit," he says.

Men are relatively limited when it comes to expressing their fashion chops, so a well-chosen accessory is the place to make a sartorial splash.

"Wearing a pocket square with an open-neck shirt gives a nice, sharp, tailored look without wearing a tie," explains Lack.

The stylist and author has a strict 'two-button rule' on his open-neck shirts: always leave two buttons undone, "Otherwise it looks like you've just taken a tie off and you're a bit confused."

Tie one off

While bow ties have been hyped for a revival in recent years, Lack says they are wobbling to the end of their current style cycle. "I feel they are very much an event look, and very 'stuffy' unless they're done really well. I don't like them as a trend."

Which begs the question: what is the next trend? Hats and scarves are getting more flamboyant, and expect an infiltration of ugly '70s prints creeping into wardrobes. Swirling, clashing, gaudy; the bolder the better.

"Today I have a green and purple paisley scarf on," Lack says. "It's bloody ugly but I like it!"

Jeff Lack's book Indulgent: The Complete Style Guide for the Modern Man is released on August 1

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