Levi's rocks out with first Australian campaign in 10 years

Dubbed the granddaddy of denim, Levi's is back with the first Australian campaign in over 10 years, called "Live in Music".

They've chosen a cool cast of musicians, roadies, sound technicians and rock photographers to celebrate their cause and remind gents of the denim styles they should be wearing.

From skinny leg to classic cuts, Levi's covers the gamut with the 511 still being a worldwide best seller.

They're one of the few brands that appeal to everyone from angst addled teen to hip grandpa and they're leveraging on that marketing position with this series of sleek images.

Local push

They've put their faith in the live music scene and chosen blokes to wear their jeans who are local unsung heroes – from musician Steve Smyth to Sydney-based photographer Maclay Heriot.

With a head office based in San Francisco, many global Levi's campaigns roll out from the USA and are adapted to each country.

"Australians are different to Americans," explains Levi's spokesperson Nicky Rowsell. "Stylistically we have different cues in the way we approach our denim and fashion."

Big sounds

The denim brand is using music to push more than just jeans. They have committed $300,000 in prize pool money over the next three years for the Levi's Music Prize that will be announced as part of BIGSOUND in Brisbane come September.

All up that's 12 bands that will win $25,000 over the next three years with money to spend towards touring or recording music.


"Everybody loves music and introducing something like the Levi's Music Prize is our way of giving local musicians the leg up to take their music offshore and show their talent overseas," says Rowsell.

Power chords

It was the perfect chord progression with Levi's building a bridge between the music industry and men who work in it.

"The men's campaign features men that Levi's have historically dressed from the hot front man to the roadie to the music fan, they're all here," says Rowsell.

The campaign which kicks off on July 24 featuring gents including stage manager Alex Nicoli [currently on tour with Metallica, sound engineer Gareth Stuckey, touring guitar technician Pat Meyer [on the road with Midnight Oil] and Steve Smyth who is now touring Spain to name a few.

"We chose relatable men who represent the Levi's wearer," says Rowsell. "They are also killing it in their field. They're creative, they're talented and smart and proving you can do what you love wearing Levi's jeans every day."

Scroll through the gallery above to see some of the best shots.