Lose weight watching reality TV

My first taste of Australian culture on the big screen was back in the late 1990s during a rainy London afternoon when I ventured into a Leicester Square movie theatre to watch some small budget flick called The Castle. I couldn't foresee loving a movie so much. After the tenth time on DVD I understood all the jokes, and I fell in love with the Aussie sense of humour.

Upon moving to Australia, I expected television to be loaded with similar programming. Gosh, I was wrong. CSI here, The Simpsons there – it was more American, less Aussie home grown.

Reality junk now rules the tube … and with quality TV nearly extinct, I can't believe I'm going to say this after watching last night's Celebrity Splash - but watching TV can help you lose weight.

Over the last two months, Channel Seven has flooded us - pardon the pun - with Celebrity Splash promos - flops, splashes, and its stars donning Speedos. How could you not watch this car crash? So, I did. I was expecting cheap laughs via physical comedy on a Monday night, but we got so much more – some serious messages that relate to a healthier Australia.

So, how can Celebrity Splash help you lose weight?

1. Face your fears

Did you see the fear in every contestant's eyes? I don't know who Brynne Edelsten is, but she was one scared lady. Her eyes spoke volumes. She felt sick to her stomach on any platform she stood on yet put on a game face, and she faced her fear. "I love a challenge," she said.

Imagine if every Aussie who faced a weight loss journey faced their fear of "I can't do this" and actually gave it a serious try. Imagine if the "I'm going to fail" was replaced with "I'm going to succeed with my weight loss challenge". Kilos would fall away, and our country would be a healthier one. Brynne looked over the edge, then jumped. So can you.

2. Step out of your comfort zone


Comedians dominate the stage, cricketers rule the pitch, and socialites dominate the bright lights. Yet each of these folks went skyward … and went way out of their comfort zones and tried something different in the pool.

Stepping out of your comfort zone takes guts. Trying something new in the kitchen, and getting off the couch to head into the gym or go out for a run is about adopting new habits, day in and day out. Lifestyle change is challenging. Miss Australia Renae Ayris said: "I didn't think I could do this, but now I can." She stepped way out of her comfort zone, then changed her belief system – exactly what needs to be done to succeed in a weight loss journey.

3. Commit

Yes, these celebrities were paid a pretty penny to mentally commit to Celebrity Splash. But climbing high up a vertical platform, looking down with toes over the edge and going for it? That takes a physical level of commitment; that takes balls.

Commit to your body. Commit to your health. Commit to a healthier future for you, your family, and your children. Strong man Derek Boyer said it best - "What you're going to see is 100 per cent fear versus 100 per cent commitment". And what did he do? Well, his dive was a dog's breakfast … but he committed. And he wanted more, and begged to continue - more splashes, more fun – he wanted more because of his commitment. I love it. Australians need to adopt the same level of commitment with their health.

4. Drop your ego

To strip down to a Speedo in front of a crowd, televised to the masses, then being judged by three Olympic gold medallists – you better check your ego in at the door. Josh Thomas did exactly that. Josh is a sharp, witty comedian, but there's a guy with obvious body issues. His eyes were begging for a towel to cover himself … a slight, pasty white man standing in his Speedos, trying to cover himself with his own, shy posture. But, he dropped the ego, practised, dealt with pain and went for it – I applaud that effort.

Any weight loss journey should have the same determination. You'll be exposed. You'll laugh, you'll shy away … but will you compete? Will you continue? Will you check your ego in at the door? Only you can answer that question. Josh Thomas did it, and so can you.

Who knows if I will watch next week. But last night, this show provided some good laughs, average dives, and a ton of heart. Between the lines there were some health and fitness lessons to be learned in the grander scheme of things – I'm a fan of Celebrity Splash.

Paul Fenech said: "You can stay on the couch, or you can get off and do something." Against doctor's wishes with a popped eardrum, he still jumped for one simple reason – "I made a commitment to myself ... I'm gonna go big. I might fail, but I'm going to try".

Is Celebrity Splash a weird analogy to weight loss? Indeed. But if you're taking on a weight loss journey, this is how an individual changes. I hope you'll take Paul's words to heart, and take a dive into the deep end of the pool to try something different. Good luck.

Did you watch Celebrity Splash last night? What did you think?