Luxury travel gadgets for business travellers

Think you're a frequent flyer? Adrian Franulovich has 20 international flights booked over the next two weeks, which is nothing unusual for the Apple products repair specialist.

"I've just been in Hong Kong, Macau and Christchurch, then I'm off to Auckland, Dubai, Manchester, and Singapore," he says.

The CEO is usually in business class and finds being up in the air is the best place to enjoy downtime away from calls and emails.

"I have a couple of pieces of luggage I can't leave without, including my Samsonite cabin bag with a four-wheel roller. They are so good when you're travelling a lot, and much lighter (to roll) than two-wheel cases, which I never realised."

Pack it up

His other travel musts include an Apple Watch, a USB multi-zone charger, and noise-cancelling headphones. "You don't realise how big a difference having noise-cancelling headphones is on a long flight. If you want to get some sleep, they are a godsend."

One of the advantages of racking up so many air miles is the access to global shopping deals. "I just bought myself a Burberry duffel bag, which is my new favourite thing," Franulovich says.

"It's a black horseferry men's duffel bag I picked up in Hong Kong. It was a bit of an expense but I like to think of it as an investment piece."

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