Switch off

Reclaim your brain

Are electronic gadgets hijacking your brain and and turning you into a multitasking mutant?

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Experts advise you answer all questions - even tricky ones - then bridge towards the message you want.

Left field

How to nail the interview

Dodging curveball questions is an art, and often it's what you don't say that will get you the job.

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Some experts estimate that 25 to 30 per cent of people have added some sort of embellishment to their CV.

Career moves

CV spin takes an honest turn

With the LinkedIn supplanting the paper CV, how many are brave enough to post porky pies for all to see?

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Business etiquette

The 10 commandments at work

Do your interpersonal skills help or hinder you when it comes to moving ahead in your career?

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The daily grind

Is your desk a death trap?

In 2006, James Levine, a British scientist based at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, conducted a very strange experiment. He wanted to measure something which goes by the cumbersome title of Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis - or NEAT. Essentially, this examines how people move about during an average day - not when they're exercising, but when they're making no special effort to keep fit.

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Cutting loose

How to quit a job you hate

Hitting the send button on scathing, company-wide e-mail is not the best way to resign, but nor is going quietly.

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