Business sense

Yes, first impressions really do stick

You only get one chance to persuade someone to be interested in what you're saying, so first impressions meetings are everything.

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Some companies are finally waking up to the importance of the wellbeing of staff.

Work matters

A salary with a smile

Happy at work? The corporate sector has finally woken up to the importance of keeping staff smiling.

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Work matters

How to get home on time

Smart people can do dumb and unproductive things when they are overloaded and under constant stress, but it doesn't have to be so.

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Corporate ladder

Career moves

Too good for promotion?

Being productive won't guarantee a move up the corporate ladder - and might even work against you.

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A stealthy job search is essential if you believe you'll be fired if your boss knows you're looking.

Career hop

Job hunting on the sly

It only takes one click on a job board or social networking site to get the attention of your boss, and some simple precautions could save your job.

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Work matters

Taming the toxic boss

How do you deal with the Darth Vaders, David Brents and Miranda Priestlys of this world.

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Office politics

Extroverts' survival guide

How do you stay true to your outgoing, exuberant self and not send more retiring colleagues running for cover?

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When is swearing at work okay?

Work rules

Swearing on the job

There aren't many expressions that can get your point across like a loud and clear BLEEP every now and then, but how much foul language is too much in the workplace?

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men v women

Crossed wires

Bridging the office divide

Why do men and women seem to be on such different planets when it comes to how they communicate at work?

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