He's back ... Steve Jobs has unveiled the iPad 2.

iPad launch

Energetic Steve Jobs proves doomsayers wrong

Last month a US tabloid published invasive photos of a frail looking Steve Jobs and proclaimed he had weeks to live, but the Apple founder proved the doomsayers wrong at the iPad 2 launch today where he appeared looking healthier than anticipated.

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women worker

Executive moves

Start own business if ignored, women told

One of Australia's leading female executives has urged women to throw in their corporate jobs and start their own businesses if their talents are not being recognised.

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US President Barack Obama gives a speech.

Work skills

The secret to public speaking

Addressing a crowd need not be an ordeal - keep it simple, know your topic and remember the audience is on your side.

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High flyer ... Tony Hawk.

High flyer

Ascent of a high roller

His empire is worth millions but the world's most celebrated skateboarder tells Sarah Whyte he didn't set out to become rich and famous.

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Cover of The Facebook Effect.

Tales of boom and bust

Top 30 business books of 2010

With so many business books being published each month, the Bloomberg team is often asked for recommendations. Here are 30 of their favourite hardbacks published this year.

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Every employee has some lazy employees. What's the best way to manage them?

Management Line

Managing slackers

Lazy employees are found in every workplace. There are various suggestions on how to manage them, most of them involve lots of hand holding. But in the end, you have to know where they are coming from. And if nothing works, you have to move them on.

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Studies suggest that most bosses are kidding themselves, thinking they are a lot better than they really are.

Management Line

Are bosses fooling themselves?

Studies suggest that most bosses are kidding themselves, thinking they are a lot better than they actually are.

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Punchy prima donna employees are the most difficult to manage. How should they be handled?

Management Line

Handling prima donna employees

Just about every company has its mega stars. They can contribute a lot to the business but they can also be the most difficult people to manage. How should they be handled?

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