Gender skills

Are women the best leaders?

US survey ranks women higher than men in the 16 key competencies most prized in top leaders.

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Mover and shaker

The corporate assassin

Malcolm Turnbull calls him a "rich bully". But millionaire businessman Geoff Cousins is an eco-warrior with a difference. Greg Bearup reports

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Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg: only eats meat that he kills himself.

Stress relief

When CEOs go wild

From killing elephants to space travel, why do so many CEOs seek out thrill-seeking and, often, dangerous activities?

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Matt Barrie

White collar jobs

The Aussie making a motza from offshoring

Matt Barrie's outsourcing website is hastening the export of jobs from rich countries to poor, which is bad news for Australia's high-skilled, white-collar professionals. Greg Bearup of Good Weekend Magazine meets the man behind Freelancer.com.

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Minomonsters CEO Josh Buckley.

Silicon Valley

The rise of the adolescent CEOs

CEO of a gaming start-up, Josh Buckley, 20, is looking forward to March's Game Developers Conference. There's one problem: he may be turned away from parties because he's not old enough to drink.

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Lessons in charisma

They say "you either got it, or you don't," but when it comes to leading with charisma - you can learn it.

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Money matters

Britain plans crackdown on executive pay

THE British government is pushing to give shareholders greater powers to vote on executive pay, as part of a broader plan to rein in corporate compensation.

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