Melbourne brand William Édouard designs jewellery for refined gents

Melbourne-based jewellery label William Édouard has given men the chance to leave behind the chunky knuckleduster accessories in favour of more refined, and practical, designs.

The label's founder, William Drury, creates subtle, handmade jewellery that enhances – not dominates - one's personal style. Ideal for gents who favour an understated accessory, Drury offers his clients a range of bespoke and unisex ready to wear pieces.

Farewell bulk and bling; less is most definitely more.

A meditation on art

First introduced to jewellery design back in high school, Drury immediately connected with the art form on a creative and intellectual level. Reflecting on his design process, he notes drifting into an almost meditative state when working at the bench.

"The majority of my design inspiration comes either from nature, geometry or visualisation, the latter being the most prominent," he shares.

"I'm an extremely visually-minded person, so in this context 'visualisation' is usually in the form of letting ideas, shapes and textures flow into my mind involuntarily, much like one's thoughts whilst daydreaming."

Catching the light

Travelling abroad to complete his jewellery education in San Francisco, he observed a shift towards a lighter and more organic aesthetic, inspiring him to explore this concept in a unisex collection that considers both form and function.

"My natural inclination, as far as I'm concerned, is to create beautifully delicate and minimal jewellery, and I feel that this is predominantly influenced by my personal preference of wearing lighter a less cumbersome pieces," Drury offers.

This free-flowing design practice is embodied in the effortless forms and silhouettes of his creations.


Gents can look to key styles in William Édouard's collection like the angular Sandstone ring in yellow gold and sterling silver, and the more intricate Tripoli ring featuring hand-carved, geometrical linework. Whether worn alone, or stacked on the same hand, the one-of-a-kind nature of these designs gives the wearer a sense of individuality and freedom to style them according to personal taste.

Ethical sheen

If that doesn't tick all the boxes, Drury's sustainable approach to jewellery making is also setting a new benchmark for industry standards. He sources all of the brand's metals and ensures the majority of gemstones comes from Australian suppliers.

"…our suppliers ensure that wherever possible, they're using refined metals from scrap jewellery and other sources rather than obtaining their raw materials from mining operations. For example, any piece of silver jewellery sold under William Édouard is handmade from 100 per cent recycled materials," he shares.

When it comes to the outlook on men's jewellery for this year, Drury notes the prevalence of a particular ring style that expresses strength and character, while still remaining refined in nature.

"I've noticed a resurgence in signet rings, which I expect to continue. They're a powerful piece when paired with high quality hand-engraving, they truly make a statement…I also expect to see that longer necklaces will increase in popularity in Australia."