Business bling

On the cuff, and making a statement

Cufflinks are the link that's missing between corporate bland and creative bling. They can prompt a conversation, make a style statement and give an insight into a man's personality. They also break the uniformity of the business mould.

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The comfort in these straitened times is tradition - which is swiftly achieved with the tie.

Tie rules

Take success by the throat - the double Windsor way

'Go out looking like you want to be seen - reliable, respectable; a man who can deliver, not one of the boys,'' says Lizzie Wagner, a business etiquette expert. ''That's what I advised a politician who once told me he went tieless when he went out to his constituents.''

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Business style

Could neckties be cool again?

Now that older men have ditched it to look cool, this once-derided accessory is making a stealthy comeback.

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Dress down

Is it time to be tie-free?

Going tie-less, once considered daring, is now de rigueur for many CEOs and politicians.

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Rushfaster Taipan Shadow bag.

Style and function

Man bags go mainstream

Man bags have been the butt of more than a few jokes over the years. But with the growth of hand-held devices, it is becoming less of a fashion statement and more of a functional necessity.

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Brad Pitt.

They're back

Cool for hats: men's headwear back in fashion

Blame it on the races, MasterChef, Australian Idol or So You Think You Can Dance: men's hats are back. And that's good news for a Sydney business that never thought they went away.

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Men's undies are a good indicator of how the economy is faring.


The undies index

If you want to know whether the economy has bottomed out, look no further than the nearest men's underwear drawer.

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