Mercedes trashes Gullwing

Replica version of iconic Benz destroyed after brand wins court ruling.

Mercedes-Benz’s 300SL “Gullwing” coupe is arguably one of the most recognisable car shapes of all time – which means plenty of replica builders have tried to copy it over the years.

However, following a recent court ruling, Mercedes-Benz was given the right to destroy a replica body of a 300SL.

And in order to try and stop other makers from copying the car’s design, Mercedes-Benz issued photos of the company’s workers dismantling and destroying the unauthorised body copy, which was seized by German customs officials.

The German maker’s parent company Daimler AG issued a statement reiterating its tough stance on copycat builders.

"The body shape of the legendary Gullwing model has been trademarked by Daimler AG. Anyone building, offering or selling replicas of the vehicle is in breach of the Company's rights."

"This even applies if the replicas do not incorporate any logos or trademarks of the Company. Daimler AG has long taken a tough approach to vehicle replicas."

Only about 1400 Gullwing coupes and 1800 Gullwing convertibles were built between 1954 and 1963.

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