Nine bad habits that are still ruining your health

We all have some bad habits that we need to shift – smashing some ice cream with Netflix, believing a lazy 20 minutes on the cross trainer will cut it, or perhaps sneaking in a few too many weekday wines.

Some habits are a tad naughty while others can create havoc within our minds and bodies – causing major health dramas. But there are 10 which are worse than others, yet the easiest to fix.

Hitting the (supp) bottle

You take in fibre via fruits and vegetables. You absorb Vitamin D from the sun, and your body gets enough protein from meat, fish, and plant-based sources. If you're counting on supplement bottles to do the work for you rather than Mother Nature, you're making a serious error. A lot of these supplements are little more than just placebos.

Gaming, streaming, browsing

And ultimately staying up too late. If you're not sleeping enough, you're affecting your mind, weight, energy, stress level, and heart health.

Non-water hydration

From energy and sports drinks to fizzy drinks and fruity drinks, we're downing calories and excess sugar instead of the best drink around – water. And if you do buy water? You're adding to the plastic bottle chaos hurting our environment. Your best strategy is just grab a glass, head to the tap, fill, consume, and repeat often.

Absorbing stress and anxiety

Meditate or find some peace while walking the dog. Take a breather. If you're not managing stress, you're at risk of an entire mind-body meltdown.

Night time grazing

You flop the keys down and pour a glass of wine (or two) and get into the cheese and crackers. Dinner lacks portion control, and you go for seconds. Perhaps there's another couch wine and some dessert. That isn't "dinner". You've grazed your way through an entire day's worth of calories during the 6pm to bedtime window.

Sitting down all day

It's a dangerous cycle. You wake to sit on the train to take the escalator to work to sit at your desk before you boomerang home to sit on the couch and watch Married at First Sight on repeat day after day. You've heard the research that's come out in the news the past year – sitting is the new smoking. Speaking of…

Smoking and drinking

I cringe when I pass the daily cigarette purchase queues at supermarkets in Sydney's CBD. Twenty per cent of the country's cancer burden is due to smoking. Tobacco smoke contains over 7000 chemicals (70 of which cause cancer). We all know it's a disgusting habit, yet one out of eight Australians over 14 years old still smokes daily.


The drinking culture in Australia is strong, and not only does boozing affect the liver and digestion, it's also about the calorie intake within every drink. And a night on the tiles leads to junk food and a hungover breakfast, dehydration, lack of motivation, and… it's time rethink the drink.

Not exercising

If you're not moving with intensity and lifting some weights, you're at a higher risk of death and chronic disease. Seventy per cent of Australians do little to no exercise, and seventy per cent of Australians are overweight. This is not a coincidence.

Become one of the sheep

When I see a culture racing from Paleo to Keto, cleansing and lemon detox diets to J. Lo's 10-day, no-sugar challenge I see sheep following and seeking the quick-fix and hoping it comes in pill, powder, or bacon flavoured form. It's not healthy.

What's health? It's water, movement, portion control, eating from the farmer's market all mixed with a peaceful mind, then finding a balance where a little of the naughty can be enjoyed without it hitting the sides. Health is looking good, feeling good, and looking after our amazing bodies and minds.

Passion for lifestyle change is the cornerstone for everything Michael Jarosky does. A Sydney-based personal trainer, he cajoled thousands of Executive Style readers to undertake his "Cut The BS" diet, and champions a charity weight-loss event, Droptober.

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