The best men's hair trends for 2017

One of the simplest methods for updating your look is to go about the old-fashioned way – getting a haircut.

Whether you've been sporting the same side-part since high school or change your locks regularly, there's nothing quite like stepping out of the barbers with a fresh chop.

But before you take steps to have it all lopped off, it seems that the biggest trend in hair for men is a throwback to yesteryear, with more relaxed styles of the '70s coming in and the recent high-and-tight so loved by baristas and tattooists nationwide on the way out.

Shades of '70s

"Men are starting to be more bold. With their cuts, styles and even colour," says Allen Ruiz, Global Artistic Director for Hair Styling at Aveda.

"[this season] men will start wearing their hair longer and more textured/layered versus the clean cut close shaven styles of the past. P.S the man-bun is out!"

The long and the short of it

However, that doesn't mean you should forego that barber's appointment just yet…

"Faded hair is not over though for two reasons," says Sydney-based hair stylist Timothy Stone.

"It does now, and always will, look good on men...A year ago a lot of clients began growing out their hair to varied success. Many have come in during the warmer months to cut half of that growth off but not ready return to clean cut. Instead, settling in for soft textured shapes just long enough to tuck behind ears and just off the shoulder."

But if you're keen for a new look, or you're just a natural risk taker, here are the top hairstyles for men this season.


Long and loose

One only has to take a quick look at the runways of Paris and Milan to see that this look is already taking hold. Led by Gucci and Prada's new-found sensitivity, gone are the short, crisp looks of previous years in favour for more androgynous styles.

The undercut

It's back. But this time in a more stylised version instead of just hanging loosely over the face. Brush it up and back for a devilshly cool effect.

Classic pompadour

Not for every hair type, but great for fine or straight hair that helps it look thicker. Instead of a fade, length is kept all over to maintain a fuller finish. Look to Andrew Garfield or Zayne Malik for inspiration.

Be blunt

Instead of the traditional quiff, blunting the fringe is the new way to go. Similar to the Caesar cut of the '90s but less boy band-esque, this has the same clean lines as a fade but with a textured finish up top. This was seen on the runways at Lanvin and a more extreme version on Justin Timberlake.

Clean clippered

This is a variation of the short back and sides and one that works extremely well if you're thinning a little on the top. Ask the barber to keep at least a two on the clippers, fade in the back and scissor cut the top. Your inspiration here is Riz Ahmed at the Oscars.

The blow-up

Remember bed-head? This is like that but much cleaner looking. Former Mad Man Jon Hamm has recently toyed with this look. Technically a quiff, only more of it and and less obnoxious.

The fluffy buzzcut

Shaved heads will always look good, but instead of going so close to the scalp leave a little bit of length all over (think setting three on your clippers instead of one). It has all the benefits a traditional buzzcut's minimal upkeep but with added texture. Jamie Dornan and Mahershala Ali both wore this look recently.

Beat the recession

If you find yourself facing follicular loss, don't sweat it (or try and hide it with a bad comb-over). There are two options: embrace it, shave it and tackle it, ahem, head on.

Or you could take a more discrete approach. Ruiz recommends maintain extra length up top, either spiking it up or using a side part for extra volume.

Shades of grey, or blonde

Blending away greys is one thing, but more men are going the whole hog and dying their hair in various shades of blondes and greys. Just be warned - home bleaching is never a great idea. See a professional and avoid looking like Ronald McDonald.

Final words...

Before embarking on a whole new follicular adventure, have a chat with your hairdresser or barber about your hair reality.

"Face shape, hair texture and hair thickness are all huge factors when thinking about trying a new look or style," says Nathan Jancauskas, managing director and founder and men's grooming hub Men's Biz.

"But it is also essential to consider the amount of maintenance each hair style requires and the suitability of each hair style to your type of employment and lifestyle."

Check out the gallery above to see the best current hairstyles for men.