Nine of the hottest new eyewear for men this summer

It's time to trade your heavy reading frames for titanium, channel an '80s screen star and embrace a vintage mood as men's reading glasses get a Hollywood makeover for summer.

According to eye specialist Kate Burfield of Eyelife in Sydney, eyewear trends this summer are embracing a softer frame while double bridges dominate the silhouette and gangster chic makes an X-rated comeback (she says to think 'porn star meets drug lord').

"Prescription glasses are getting thinner, lighter and you'll find many in titanium," says Kate Burfield.

"It's what I call an extreme vintage look that's not easy for an older guy to pull off. It all comes down to how you style yourself as this look is really popular now and only works well on a hip young guy," she says.

Back round again

John Lennon's round frame is a strong retro look. Burfield says it's an easy one to adopt regardless of your face shape. Brands like Thom Browne, Dita Eyewear and Garrett Leight are all delivering on the circular '70s front.

A popular luxury brand at Eyelife is Thom Browne optical made with titanium with his signature four stripe detailing at the end of the arms. DITA Eyewear has also gone with titanium front frames and bridge with diamond pressed detailing and comes with a UVA and UVB protection lenses with anti-reflective coating. 

But if you can't saddle up to the trends and prefer a solid frame to do the talking, there's an abundance of tortoiseshell, ocean blues and soft oranges to lighten the mood for summer.

Techno specs

And when it comes to men's reading glasses, blokes want their frames to do more than just help them read.

"Men want high performance lenses that can see them multitask as they are in the workplace," says Burfield.


"Guys want to be able to read a document, look at their computer and then have a conversation over the desk with a colleague and jump in the boardroom and look at a crowd.

"Reading glasses won't do that for you so there's a push for occupational lenses and we tailor them to suit the modern man's needs," she says.

Multi-purpose lens

Delivering on the diverse prescription lens is local label Exyra.

"This summer will see a greater emergence of technology-infused glasses to include anti-reflective lenses," says  founder Raymond Seubelan.

"This will allow you to check emails, watch videos and take photos to performance reading spectacles that monitor brainwave activity," he adds.

Seubelan has spent the last few years researching his own eye-technology in the form of blue light filtering lenses.

"Our range of prescription and non-prescription lenses look like normal glasses but are actually optimised to reflect high energy blue light from our digital devices in order to prevent eyestrain, headaches and fatigue," he says.

Light and understated

Summer's also a time to ditch the black for cool shades of greys for a softer visage and medium browns with specks of unexpected colour. The semi-rimless frame will also be a huge hit as it shows off your brow line while paying homage to a vintage style.

"Summer is all about an understated look when it comes to glasses," says Seubelan.

"It's very much a case of slim and elegant. If you've got more personality to show you should consider the round frame that will suit most creative folk," he says.

Confidence suits you

The rectangular frame that the hipster made more hip isn't dead yet. It's just taking a break from daytime to sit in the evening space for summer.

"Frames have become more unisex and there's a real blending now that wasn't the case many years ago," says Kate Burfield.

"The key is to find a style that suits you and wear it confidently. Less is more for summer and it's about vintage nostalgia."

Check out the gallery above for nine of the best specs for summer.