Nine steps to kickstart your spring fitness goals

People and seasons are changing and you can feel the energy and smiles. Yet not all change is good - as outer coats and jumpers are shed, winter guts and muffin tops are revealed.

"I've got to lose a few kilograms this spring…" echoes from Perth to Brisbane. So, set the alarm, turn it up the music, and lace up the runners. It's time to lean up, and here's how to do it this Spring:

1. Understand how to get abs

I tell my clients it's a 50-50 effort. "Build your abs in the gym, but what you put into your mouth provides a window (or not) to see those abs."

Here's a session to lean the tummy: 300m row straight into 15 push ups, 10 single arm dumbbell clean-press (each side), 15 situps, 10 burpees, then a 300 metre sprint. Perform three or four rounds.

Decrease the booze and exhibit portion control? You'll be beach lean by the end of spring.

2. It requires 8.5 out of 10 effort

Hollywood won't be calling any of us, so don't worry about body perfection. Yet hitting the couch with pizza, beers, and the occasional corporate touch footy session on Wednesday isn't going to cut it. Ramp up the commitment and intensity and find a way to give your health some serious effort.

3. Make time, when there is no time

How much app, Facebook, and computer  time piles up each day? You can watch TV but you can't jump for a 20 minute home session? I'm calling BS out right now on the "I'm too busy" excuse.

I often jump out on my balcony for 150 skips, 15 pushups, 15 sit-ups, and a few burpees if I'm feeling sweet. Numerous rounds of that can be performed in under 20 minutes. No jump rope? Fine, you can perform the same circuit with high knees in your living room – you won't miss a single moment of reality TV.

4. Hit the stairs

I have a love-yet-hate affair with the stairs. But if you're seeking better legs (calves, hamstrings, quads) and a tighter bum, then stair running is the cure to those long, boring, low intensity jogs.


I jog 10 minutes then run 100 stairs in Sydney's CBD and drop for 15 pushups at the top of each interval. And I go until I'm sweating, swearing, and done. It's a simple yet superb session for cardio and muscular fitness.

Science proves it – hit the stairs, and your VO2 Max goes up while your weight comes down.

5. Jump. Or get out of the way

"I'm going to change my health and my weight." I liken it to standing on the bungy platform. Some jump and travel a new path, while others can't get inspired, commit, and take a risk. They head straight back to the hotel.

From fitness to weight to health – nothing changes if nothing changes.

6. Spend less while getting fit

I chuckle at this strategy: "If I spend $500 on shoes and fitness clothes then join that pricey gym, I'll use it and exercise. In reality, that psychology dries up after three days because activewear ain't gonna change the shape of a pear.

The only concern for your fitness clothes should be the amount of sweat that resides in them after a session. The sun and Vitamin D are free, and Australia has more parks and room to jog by the water and perform bodyweight circuits than anywhere else in the world.

7. Don't count calories

Yet understand every calorie counts

If you're into your healthy protein, veggies, and fruit, then relax. Counting calories is tedious and boring. However that sugary drink. The cookie jar at work. That convenience store snack. That extra portion at home with an extra wine. It's all calories, and it's affecting your weight.

8. Do it with intensity, but make it fun

Wave goodbye to the tedious long jogs and boring three sets of 10, and replace it with high intensity sessions three times per week. Get smart on sessions that mimic HIIT and tabata. There are endless workout ideas online.

On the weekends, we're a country of some of the best city walks, ocean hikes, and bush walks in the world.

9. Develop patience

You want $5 million dollars and a beach body tomorrow.

The reality is this. In one month, you can develop healthy habits and lose serious weight. In two months, you can drop more weight and tone up. In three months you can develop a new body.

Three months flies by and is only eight per cent of a 30 year old's life. Be patient, and a new body (and new fitness) is yours.

The three workouts above can do a lot for your health in Spring's three months. So, who's stepping onto the bungy platform with me? It's challenging, but when you look better, feel better, and move better. You smile and laugh more often in Spring, Summer and beyond. Toning those cheek muscles – that's what a healthier you is all about.