Open slather

Ok, today, because I'm feeling exceptionally eloquent and witty, I thought we'd do the old "Ask Sam Anything" shtick and if you actually give a rat's as to the answer to that question, I'll do my best.

Type-back kicks off at 11am and goes to 1pm on Friday, June 21. Format is simple. Ask a question, I'll give you my honest answer. I will not discuss anything, however, about my daughter, separation, Family Court proceedings or salary.

In a world first exclusive, I'll also be channelling former Roman Dictator and all round legend, Lucius Cornelius Sulla and you can ask him why he didn't murder Caesar when he had his chance, and exactly why the greatest courtesan in Rome left him her estate when she died.

You can follow Sam on Twitter here. His email address is here.

Please don't take it personally if I do not reply to your email as they come in thick and fast depending on the topic. Please know, I appreciate you taking the time to write and comment and would offer mummy hugs to all.