Porsche 918 Spyder hits 350km/h on Aussie roads

Porsche has put its ultimate car to the ultimate Australian test.

Not content with wowing spectators at the Australian Grand Prix, setting Nurburgring lap records in Germany or recalibrating journalists' speed parameters at Phillip Island, the brand took its $1.5 million 918 Spyder to Alice Springs for a crack at the Northern Territory's open speed limits.

With five-time Carrera Cup champion Craig Baird at the wheel, the Porsche trundled out of down on electric power at 60km/h before shattering the outback serenity with a new speed record for a production car on Australian roads.

Speed limit? What speed limit?

The stunt was completed lawfully on derestricted roads north of Alice Springs, where the NT government has extended a trial period without speed limits on the Stuart Highway.

Porsche used spotters to make sure the highway was completely devoid of traffic, taking advantage of clear roads to reach 350km/h in just 40 seconds.

The left-hand-drive 918 Spyder is not available for sale in Australia. Porsche brought out an example of the 652kW supercar as a technical showcase for what it can achieve.

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