Porsche enters the property market with its first luxury apartment tower

The problem with apartment living has always been finding a place to park your substantial collection of exotic cars. The body corporate tends to get a bit irate if you take up all the visitor spaces with your Lambos and 911s.

Which is why the uber-luxurious Porsche Design Tower (aka PDT) in Sunny Isles Florida could be the answer you've been looking for. Among the many luxury highlights of the streamlined 60-storey PDT is the inclusion of six 'man caves' on the building's third floor.

Man cave up

The 'man caves', complete with sweeping ocean views, are essentially private garages for collectors of fine automobiles (owners of Chrysler Sebrings need not apply).

Due to be completed this year, PDT will be the world's first residential project by the prestigious Porsche Design Group, but with more to follow. Together, the man caves sprawl over an area of 1100 square metres and have been split up to fit four, six and nine cars, depending on the owner's wallet.

Even with the expensive wheels in place, each man cave still has plenty of room to relax with your mates and chew the fat about horse power. Hang a few arty posters of vintage Mercs around the walls, install a single-malt whisky bar, a black leather sofa and a cinema screen, and we are talking a serious chill out zone for folks with a Type-A personality. Unfortunately, you'll need a minimum of $2.3 million to get your Ferrari in the door, and that's on top of the cash you've already splurged for the apartment itself.

Billion dollar neighbours

Not that the money is putting too many people off. The developers reckon they have flicked more than 84 per cent of the apartments, representing US$600 million ($784 million) in sales. One report noted that 22 billionaires are among the 132 residents who will move into the tower.

No doubt many of the well-heeled are attracted to the sky garages which allow owners to park their marques right next to their apartments where they can drool over them through their floor to ceiling living room windows. The cars and their drivers are swooshed upwards into the sky garages via one of three robotic elevator systems in the core of the building.

Sky high

The apartments themselves are what you might expect in a building designed by Porsche. The smallest is a whopping 390 square metres, which is bigger than most Sydney houses. They all come with private wine lockers (held in the on-site restaurant) and balcony plunge pools.

But it's the four-level, 1570 square metre penthouse that takes the cake. Yours for just US$32.5 million ($42 million) it comes with four suites, six bathrooms, two 'summer' kitchens, two leisure rooms, a terrace pool and a rooftop pool, and a four car sky garage. Nice.


Scroll through the gallery above for a look inside.