Porsche pedal power

An RS model from Porsche with two wheels? And no engine?

The German brand's ''Bike RS'' has been designed with pedal-powered performance in mind, with Porsche claiming the bike is "the ultimate expression in lightweight technology, design purity, ergonomics and performance".

It costs about a 10th of the next-cheapest Porsche on the market - $11,133.

My knowledge is best left to things with four wheels but considering I've been riding bikes since I was three years old, I must be some kind of expert, right?

To me it feels exceptionally manoeuvrable and, at nine kilograms, very light. While it may cost more than twice as much as some bikes that weigh less, its carbon-fibre frame, forks, handlebars, stem and seatpost are good brag-bits when you roll up to the local riders' coffee spot.

The 29-inch wheels are wrapped with Schwalbe tyres and the traction is superb during launches and cornering. The hydraulic disc brakes are squeaky but pull up well.

It's an excellent ride - but I'm comparing it with my battered eight-year-old Mongoose mountain bike.

Well-to-do bike lovers would be best advised to test it for themselves.

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