Power and the passion

Life coach Tony Robbins believes finding success is worth being passionate about.
Life coach Tony Robbins believes finding success is worth being passionate about. 

Finding your passion and surrounding yourself with high-achieving role models is the key to a successful life and Tony Robbins knows firsthand that it's possible for just about anyone.

Robbins is one of the world's most popular life coaches and business strategists. He has delivered his seminars to as many as 4 million people in a career spanning 36 years. He is heading to Sydney next week and spoke to Fairfax Media about the drivers that can improve people's lives.

"You have to find what makes you passionate," Robbins says. "People, at different stages of their life, lose their passion. It used to be that people would have one or two jobs in their whole life and now it's at least five."

Without passion, he says, life just slips by quickly and without consequence. This makes people miserable at work and, as a result, miserable at home.

Finding passion is the key to finding success, although Robbins is the first to admit that success can take time. But, people who are passionate about something specific are more likely to stick to their work until the success and financial security follow, he says.

"There are very few people who become masters at what they do," he says. "The few people who do are masters of their industry.

"Most people never master anything. Mastery is the key to an extraordinary life. Sixty five per cent of people never use their [university] major in their profession.

"To find your passion you need to get out there. Volunteer ... if you can find something that grabs you, you will never stop learning.

"You'll have more money if you do what you love, but it doesn't happen straight away."

Concerns about time constraints are often the biggest handbrakes for people wanting to change their circumstances, but Robbins says you simply have to suck it up.

"Most people overestimate what you can do in a year, but underestimate what you can do in a decade," he says.

Time needs to be managed carefully and spent on keeping yourself physically and mentally fit. It's a case of constantly working on improving yourself so you are open to opportunities as they arise.

"If you work five days then you can't afford to only recover on weekends," Robbins says. "Most people fail by doing the right thing at the wrong time. I work 20-hour days all the time. It gives me energy because I love what I do."

And in his spare time, when he is not with his family and friends, he is constantly reading and studying.

Planning engaging and stimulating experiences are also the key.

"Psychologically everybody needs something to look forward to. You need a compelling future ... any energy inside of you that gives you power. You feed your mind," the 53-year-old says.

Anyone wanting to revamp their career needs to surround themselves with people Robbins calls the 2 per cent group. Those are the people who are the most successful and who use strategies that keep them in the winning team.

"We talk about the 2 per cent as though it is a bad thing," Robbins says.

But not all are motivated by money and greed. Some are the most inspiring people on earth. "I'm inspired by people. I surround myself with inspiring people. You become the people you are surrounded by.

"My heroes are people who have overcome huge odds. They have done what other people have thought impossible. They are the people who do the impossible.

"It's about rewiring your whole life. It doesn't change by having regrets. It's like working out.

"If you get yourself into the right team of people you find yourself working out every day.

"In that environment, that's how you transform your life. Put yourself in an environment with people who are committed. Day and night in total immersion."

Robbins will be in Sydney for Unleash the Power Within – a four-day seminar at the Sydney Showgrounds.

Participants will do firewalking and learn about success conditioning and business, nutritional and psychological strategies for getting the best out of life.

"What motivates me is knowing that, when I get to go to work, people's lives change. When I see that in people's eyes, it feeds me, it gives me energy," Robbins says.

For more information, see unleashthepowerwithin.com.au.

This article Power and the passion was originally published in The Sydney Morning Herald.