Redford, Newman and McQueen's lessons in style

We're bringing retro back and taking style notes from the recent past to influence the modern wardrobe.

Men's style famously had an overhaul in the 1960s. The shift rebelled against the preppy '50s style and catapulted the turtleneck and the wide 5″ tie into an androgynous hippie movement.

But three stylish icons resisted the 'free love' sub-culture and stayed true to classic style, much to our delight. Our chosen three superstars dedicated themselves to looking timelessly stylish and we have rewarded them as fashionable beacons for a new age.

The rugged man: Robert Redford

Robert Redford.

We all remember Redford in such movies as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and The Great Gatsby, yet he was also remembered for his environmental activism long before it was fashionable.

Bringing Redford's style into the present day is easy and relevant with his quintessential 'relaxed and rugged' straight legged blue jeans and a preppy pea-coat for casual coolness.

Redford allured fans with his masculine mystique, weaving vintage leather bomber jackets, tweed blazers and dark rimmed aviators into ensembles to build a much-followed men's style today.

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Redford look.

Redford's favourite pieces can be snatched up at retailers such as Burberry, Hackett London, Belstaff (pictured) and the 'never out of style' aviators from Ray-Ban.


The minimalist: Paul Newman

Paul Newman.

There's never been anyone in show business like Paul Newman. Despite his dazzlingly good looks, he never really felt comfortable with his 'should be illegal' handsomeness. Yet, these blessed aesthetics created a movement of masculine style.

Newman's personal style encompassed a minimalist feel, featuring skinny lapels on charcoal suits, dark ties, white button down shirts and shiny cufflinks to complete a cool and calculated style persona.

His look was complimented by soft sweaters and knits under a classic trench coat with white undershirts and boxers. Call him coordinated and slick, yes, but what was more impressive about Newman was his purpose to change thousands of lives, mainly children, with his charity work.

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Newman look

Topman (pictured) features a range of classic, minimalist pieces. If you're looking for a brand that is cool and conscious, H&M now features a 'sustainable conscious' vertical in-store.

The rebel: Steve McQueen


McQueen was the highest-paid film star of his time and nicknamed 'The King of Cool'. This rebellious anti-hero was passionate about boy's toys and had a natural and distinctive all-American boy meets renegade style that, made him an enduring style icon.

On and off screen, McQueen was the same cat. His look was rough, ready, elegant and peppered with sex appeal. He took sportswear and gave it a masculine edge with signature Persol sunglasses, sport coats and zip-up windbreakers.

Khakis, button-downs, polo shirts, cable knit sweaters and cardigans were a common wardrobe theme seen lounging or riding his motorcycles.

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McQueen look.

If you have a love affair with denim, then McQueen's look will come naturally with brands such as Replay (pictured). Add some luxury to the look by wearing a Rolex or a Tag Heuer watch.

Who is your favourite style icon from the past? Let us know in the comments. 

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